Memorising Latin Declensions and Conjugations With a Numerical System


I am faced with a little bit of a problem. I have nailed down the Method of Loci to the point where I can memorise a decent number of words fairly quickly, but I have no idea how to structure more overarching sets of information, such as producing a complete system for accessing Latin Declensions and Conjugations.

For those who don’t know, there are 5 Declensions (Noun Patterns) in Latin with 6 cases (Endings), and 4 Conjugations with 5 or 6 Different Mood (Subjunctive, Indicative, Imperative, Participle, Gerund and Supine) and each containing up to 6 different tenses (Present, Perfect, Future Perfect, Future Simple, Pluperfect, Imperfect). Now I have no idea how to handle this in an efficient way, but I have come up with a solution that may work.

I was thinking of encoding each table with a phone number like number, with each number referring to a different thing, in this order:

Language → Category → Declension/Conjugation → Gender/Mood → Tense/Case → (For Verbs) Verb Ending

So, for example, 113126 could be Latin Verb 3rd Declension Indicative Perfect He/She/It.

Now, what I want to know a few things:

  1. I understand this doesn’t link in images. How can I make it so that it does?
  2. Are there any prebaked systems that already exist that can be used with this effectively? (I’ve looked into the Dominic and Major Systems and they don’t seem all that suited, neither does Vanilla Method of Loci)
  3. Are there any things I ought to read before embarking on this sort of ordeal?

Thanks a lot

A one digit shaper system with the object performing actions can help and Shaper System is the prebaked system which can help you,

Create the images and then associate them with information,I think that this will work with the Shaper System,



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