Memorising Books / Concept / Topic

greetings everybody

while reading the emil post

i thought i would like to share a new way of memorizing the books

do reply and tell me your views

{it requires a lot patience and discipline
at least in starting few sessions}

method :-

its based on loci.

take up the book/concept/speech/idea you want to memorize

now read the index

mark the chapters you need to memorize in single day.
example :- suppose you want to memorize 5 chapters.
(described below after loci part)

loci part :-

form your loci

i would suggest to maintain a loci-book

write down all the loci you know. be it journey ,movie,house, building or anything

divide your loci-book into various sections

like:- 1) journeys(my favorite)
2) movie (mi ,harry potter )
3) fiction stories
4) travel magazine and arch digest (my favorite)
5) internet (
6) games (battlefield, gta )

keep on adding new loci to it regularly.
(i know its quiet arduous task )

and most important keep on revising them .
(as these are your wax tablet on which you want to imprint new ideas)


if you are searching on internet

i would suggest collect all your loci in a single folder.

now make a new folder on your desktop.
name it with the book you want to memorize

you will attach images to it. (about this later)


this image collection and making folder can also be done on mobile phone

and its good to have them in mobile phone

as you can take it with you wherever you want… :slight_smile:

about placement of images in your BOOK folder :-

  1. use the image/loci you downloaded from internet

  2. add the information/concept/idea you want to memorize to that image

  3. rename this image/loci with the concept/idea/topic which you have memorized in it.

  4. place it in the BOOK folder

keep on adding to it

image by image

thus concept by concept :slight_smile:

back to book memorizing:-

once done with making up the arsenal required for starting mugging up

start with 1st chapter

underline the important points while reading , make notes on margin and start placing these points on your loci
(be it from loci-book or from internet )

always revise the concept 5 times minimum
(as dominic 0 brein said that it is a golden rule of memory that revising something 5 times embeds it in the mind)

then if using loci from pc or mobile phone

rename it with concept name and place it in the BOOK folder

go on this way till the end of the chapter after that revise the whole chapter once again

then only proceed to the next chapter.

Continue with this till you reach the number of chapters decided for that day


now continue till you memorize the whole book

its quiet obvious that to complete one book.
we require at least 3-4 days
( depends on number of pages it has and amount of information we need to remember)

so here comes the most important task without which the concept will start to fly away

REVISION - the necessary evil


Revision has to happen at least 5 times over a period of time

like:- 1st revision next morning
2nd revision on 2nd day morning
3rd revision after 1 week
4th revision after 1 month
5th i dont know i havent reached this far


about placement of books on your bookshelf :-
(so that it helps you in revising )

pile up all your books in one corner of your room

next divide your shelf into 4 parts ( 4 times revision)

Now make a feasible plan
(one to which you would stick)

use combination of subjects (2 at a time for whole day)

back to shelf:-

part 1 of your shelf is day 1 of your revision

means that whichever book/concept you have studied today should be placed here. get up tomorrow morning
and revise this first then start other activity

part 2 of your shelf is day 2 of your revision

part 3 of your shelf is where the book goes for after 1 week review

this may sound little confusing but as you will implement it you will know how

you are going to work it out.

Great, this sounds very comprehensive. Please may I ask how many books you have actually memorised using this method and over what period of time?

And, in practise, how is your recall, after, say, a year or two?


i have memorized 1 book

2nd is in progress

1st book is in 1 month stage

Frankly speaking some time i forget entire chapter but with 2 or 3 cues i am back on track

I thing something is missing

lets make it better

Give me your suggestions

Hey janard,
i am trying to get a decent method to study my stuff (Studying psychology).
Did you update your method yet? Any new things or tips that came up for you, wich you didnt add into the post yet?

Could you share your actual example with any of the books you’ve memorised. Thanks.

same as above, could u show us an example for presentation, just a few charters.

hi friends

I am now giving you an example of this method…

Before starting any book memorization prepare a memory palace at least with 300 stages so that 70 percent of book will get covered with ease …

once having these much loci…review them at least 7 times in mind…walk those path at least 7 times backward and forward…so as to fix them permanently…

Also keep making new memory palace for future use…

Now…here is the process…bit long still good for memorization

DAY 1 take up book and check the contents Suppose it has 15 chapters

All of which needs to be done

( Now decide how many chapters you can do each day…

Some chapters will be big and some would be small…

So decide how much you can do…and remember to challenge your limits…)

suppose i am going to do 3 chapters every day…

Then 5 days to complete a book…

Now i will take up chapter 1 mark important points convert them into images and fix them on loci

Once done revise it 5 times

Then complete rest of the chapters for the day.

Now keep your book on tv and go to sleep or do any other work…

DAY 2 before starting the 4th chapter i
review the first 3 chapter then p roceed for todays 3 chapters

Once done…todays 3 chapters…

Keep it on fridge

DAY 3 revise DAY 1 and DAY 2 then proceed with todays target chapter…

Then keep it on dinning table:…

DAY 4 REVISE DAY 2 & DAY 3 tHEN proceed with todays chapter


And DAY 6 revise whole book…

There you are done with the book

now tv fridge and dinning table are cues which will remind you which day you are and what chapters you should revise…

Hope this is easy

Happy memorisation

Great posts, janard!

This is great. One of my first ideas after learning of memory techniques was to come up with a similar process, and this will be very helpful. My end goal is to be able to memorize the contents of each page in a book, so that I can state whatever page a certain theorem is on or whatever (mostly textbooks for doing maths). Starting with the chapters would probably help out here.

What do you think of doing a loci for each section or chapter or whatever (depends on the book) and leaving a linking list in each loci with the page numbers attached? I haven’t even tried loci method yet, so I’m not quite clear on how it works. Does it “stack” with linking or peg systems well, or does that lead to confusion?

i have never experimented with…loci and linking together…

But general trend which i have observed is that linking is good for short term …and loci is the ultimate choice for long term storage…

Go on experiment and share the results…

Any new suggestions to improve the method…???

I’ve just created a wiki page about this topic and linked to this thread:
How to Memorize a Book

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hi everybody

I was thinking about words and concepts

So i have decided that

When by hearting poem…we should do it word by word

But for book by hearting go by concept to concept. Also to bring to your mind the concept make the title or headings more vivid and powerful…

From this method you are remembering the contents of each chapter but not word for word correct? This may be able to help me with remembering tech books for my job so I wanted to see how you use it.


I am only by hearting important points from each concept/topic which generally consists of 10 points

One of the most exciting books I’ve read was Bill Bryson’s “A short History of Nearly Everything”. I think it would be fantastic to be able to recall up the names, dates and associated events in general conversation.

I’ve seen the book, but haven’t read it. I’ll check it out… :slight_smile:

I started using this technique, trying to prepare for a work related certification.

The questions I have:

  1. The Images mentioned above? Are these actual pictures or do i create pictures in my mind? Save them in a folder in my mind?

As an example:

  1. The concepts I am trying to remember are to do with computer virtualization and virtualization management. The product in chapter one part one is VMware vCenter. It comes in three editions, Essentials, Foundations and Standard.

Essentials again, comes in two kits, essentials and Essentials plus. They both manages up to 3 hosts, with 192GB ram and 2CPU’s and comes. Essentials plus additionally has vmotion, high availability and vmware data protection.

How would one use this (or any other technique) to remem this and similar content?



I will try to answer your question one by one :-

  1. all the images are to be kept in computer or mobile phone.

for eg. If you are by hearting the types of vmware - essentail,foundation & standard

So you will need to choose 4 different location or objects in the image to which you will associate the types of vmware…

Once you do it…immediately revise it 5 times so that it will stick to memory very rigidly…

Now you should rename the image as ‘types of vmware’ and kept it in a new folder named ‘memorised/by hearted’

Like this complete day 1 study and revise it the very next day after that day after tommorow and after 1 week it will stay with you for long time…

Similarly use many images for types of essentials , features of essentails and store them memorised folder

For future revision…

I am adapting the original post into the wiki under the heading ‘How to Memorize a book’.