"Memories Can Be Injected and Survive Amputation and Metamorphosis"

“Memories Can Be Injected and Survive Amputation and Metamorphosis”

Not only do Glanzman and Blackiston believe their experiments harbor hopeful news for Alzheimer’s patients, it also might be possible to repair deteriorated neurons that could, at least theoretically, find their way back to lost memories, perhaps with the guidance of appropriate RNA.

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It was a very interesting article. I follow Michio Kaku the famous physicist, and one of his talks mentions that they could now also take a picture of a person’s dream. Somehow they managed it and he showed a photo of the blurred image. We maybe half way there to record our dreams soon. It’s scary :slight_smile:

We already know that a computer software can be programmed with the electrical impulses of thoughts, even though its in it’s early stages, It does exist. They wire your brain to the pc/laptop, and make it recognise the thought energy and convert it into commands. I’ve seen a program on TV where they used a person on a wheelchair with Left, right, forward and reverse commands produced by thoughts, and the computer recognizes it, sends a wireless signal to the receiver on the wheelchair, and amazingly it moves to every direction with the person’s thoughts. I think this will be a very handy technology for the human-kind. It may also be used in animals to understand what they are thinking :slight_smile:

So if they can create a program to understand your thoughts and convert it into commands, then I believe it can also be reversed. It can also be some day used to send commands into the brain by special wires, or perhaps long into the future as wireless, to download a memory. So it maybe possible for the people who has Alzheimer’s disease to recognise all family members, remember the past etc. and still have the brain for reasoning.

I would love to try it, I’d love to wake up and say “I know Kung-Fu” :slight_smile:

Epigenetics science may also hold the key for this. With KRISPR, They can map out a human DNA, and find the missing codes. And amazingly they can reproduce the missing codes, produce it as an injection, inject it into the missing dna section, and wola, you repair yourself! Apparently they already have the technology to repair any kind of disease by simply injecting the missing dna. So it may not be long before they can release it to help people with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The future is going to be strange. :slight_smile:


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