Lanier Verbatim Memory System - Complete Description

Good evening All,

I’ve been corresponding with Gary Lanier the last few weeks to nail down his Lanier Verbatim Memory System. After probably 24+ hours of work, I submit this short summary for your review. I’m tired of looking it over, despite doing copyediting professionally, and I need help to standardize language, fill-out descriptions, and generally improve what I’ve written.


  1. When I write “mnemonic machine,” I mean a mnemonic that has reusable moving parts. I couldn’t find where I read about ancient mnemonic machines, but it involved imagining disks with various information and having them align to generate to help you recall information. I think mnemonic machines is a fair term to use as it is distinct enough from a regular journey to warrant renaming.

  2. Some of the terms are my own. For example, “Start at the top, read like a clock” is too long a title for a system, so I used the “Clock Face” Journey instead. I decided to use this because it was descriptive and because it was a term I already used to describe my table of contents memorization technique.

  3. Any logical errors here are my own; if anything seems off or inefficient, it is only because of my own shortcomings as a writer. Do not attribute these flaws to Gary Lanier or his system, but to me.

Since forum formatting will likely distort the formatting, here’s a pastebin link that preserves it:

The pastebin text is also useful for you comments since you can refer to specific lines.


This is much appreciated. I had started working to incorporate this system.

I have one question; Mr Lanier seems to have come up with a very comprehensive list of substitute words for abstract nouns, which are very useful. I know this forum has a link with a few common words and substitutes, but he really seems to have put a lot of thought into them. Is his list available anywhere?

Thank you very very much!