Hypothetical situation!

Hello guys i need some help here…

E.g :- i want to memorize 3 books( A,B and C), with page number…

  • how should i memorize so that i dont get confused with pages numbers, because i use major system for all three books…
    for example : page 1 is tea for me,
  • how should i manage all the three books, so that whenever the page asked i got the right concept of particular book, and not get confuse with other books…

Manner Questions which can be asked:1) what is in page 234 of A book ?

  1. which book says ,( concept )*, and in which page number ?

  2. what is in page 234 of book A,B and C ?

You don’t say so, but I’m assuming you have specific books in mind… The easiest way to avoid confusion is to make sure all three books are dramatically different. Maybe one is a biography, one a novel, and the third a book of poetry. But given the kinds of questions you’re proposing, it feels like maybe you’ve already chosen three books on the same topic.

It also sounds like you’re talking about maybe memorizing these books verbatim. If that’s true, take a close look at some of the systems described here on the forum about verbatim book memorization; you may find that this exercise requires a unique memory technique that you’ll need to develop (such as the Lanier System).

Finally, I don’t know how much experience you have with memory techniques, but if you’re just starting out, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment by choosing such a complex task right at the beginning. I’d encourage you to get a handle on the basic memory techniques first before diving into memorizing three entire books.



Thank you bob for your reply…:slight_smile:, I will checkout Lanier System, if u said so

This link will give you a good overview of the Lanier System:

But I would definitely call this a system designed for intermediate-to-advanced mnemonists.



My strategy would be placing the number pegs for individual rooms, then ( forming a story that sums the page ) place the story into the room. After that u just go back and try and recall as much words of the page as you can, with the story as the guide (make sure story is in sections and is placed in a new loci in the same room when topic changes). Check the answer, and repeat again. You will get better with the story making little by little :wink: same with the repeating process until u memorised the whole page.


Thank you @Oscar4 @RMBittner for your suggestions…it is very useful for me :+1::v: