Is Anyone Using Kaktovik Iñupiaq Numerals to Speed up Their Math?

From the outside looking in, it seems that Kaktovik Iñupiaq numerals could really speed up pen-and-paper math and possibly mental calculation, too.

Here is a video explanation of addition and long division with Kaktovik Iñupiaq numerals.

Is anybody using this?


Mind blown!

I love it and need to investigate this a lot more before I can give a more in depth reply.


Thanks 8bit for providing this video. It’s amazing. I am surprising to see this kind of things.

Now I am working on it and if this concept works really then I will research on it.

Thanks .

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I found a website on Google whose link I am giving below.

In this website you can find full numeral System of inupiaq.

And when I typed 282 then it shown that the maximum currently supported for inupiaq is 100.

And I am only interested in multiplication and division in inupiaq language.

Because I have no problem in squaring, addition, and subtraction.


Can you enlighten us what you are doing for squaring?
I am memorizing using Major system.
For e.g 53² = Lame wearing a shoe(2) of Mercury(80) steps on a bottle of wine(9).

First , I suggest you never use major System for learning squaring.

It is very time consuming process and there is more chance of forgetting.

If you memorize this way then your recalling speed will slow down.

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Thanks a lot.

Omg my eyes! Such beautiful idea, though I still dont get it fully, but omg omg! Gonna research and see if I can modify it better! Omg Again! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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I am lost in terms of figuring this thing out lol…(division)

did found this which kinda helped me to understand it more.



Oh!So 420 is \ \ O getting it now.
422 is \ \ V
Kk, now to figure out how division work ^.^

I get it now! Tthis is amazing! Lets party and come up with base 60 number system XD (base 12 is no longer a goal, the next one with most divisor is 60-right? making it easier to do mental calc-hypothesis)

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When ( \ )this type of stroke is on unit place it’s value will be 1

And when it is on ten’s place then ( \ ) it’s value will be 2

And when it is on hundredth place ( \ ) it’s value will be 4

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Finally see hope to achieving this:

oh I get wat u mean now, soz…realised it now, thanks @Rajadodve786


It’s really amazing. :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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that TV shows also have memory competitions.最强大脑

I enjoyed this one the most, where it shows every 1% of improvement leads to a victory.


I found one video like this.
In this video child answering the questions.

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But, Sexagesimal has been around since at least 3,000 BCE beginning with the Sumerians and later picked up by the Babylonians. There are some fairly obvious hints about this in ancient literature. Perhaps the most famous comes from the Babylonian Talmud. The relevant passage even mentions mnemonics!

The numbers five, six, and ten are mnemonics for the categories to follow. The Gemara says: There are five matters in our world which are one-sixtieth of their most extreme manifestations. They are: Fire, honey, Shabbat, sleep, and a dream. The Gemara elaborates: Our fire is one-sixtieth of the fire of Gehenna; honey is one-sixtieth of manna; Shabbat is one-sixtieth of the World-to-Come; sleep is one-sixtieth of death; and a dream is one-sixtieth of prophecy. —Babylonian Talmud, Berakhot 57b:13


Are’nt they extraterrestrials?
After watching these videos it Seems smart people are keeping the art of Memory under wraps, beyond the reach of commoners like us.

wher you found this.pless send mi link

omg plasss

It was on google/images, I did not find it in a site unfortunately.

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