Imaginary Memory Palaces

I always wondered if there was a way of building a memory palace in imagination. Recently, I found out a concrete solution for that. I created this inspired by ideas from experts like Anthony Metivier etc and by adding my own thoughts. For some, creating an imaginary memory palace is very difficult and a complicated process, sometimes even impossible. But by using this, it will be just as easy as creating a physical palace. These can be created anytime, anywhere. They are useful for situations when you do not have any prepared structure. Please read it slowly and carefully and understand the concept. Feel free to give a feedback. The procedure is as follows:

I)Think of any kind of house or building that you like. Observe it’s color, shape, size, texture etc. Feel every aspect of your palace. Notice the tdxture of the floor, ceiling and walls. Add some features to the entrance like a chandel, shoe-rack, giant clock etc. to make it outstanding. Don’t change its features once given. Choose the first feature that comes to your mind. Add feelings and emotions in every aspect of your palace.

II) Now enter the building through a door and add rooms it. Firstly decide how much incineration you wanna memorize. It you wanna memorize 10 pieces of info., you need 10 loci, if you wanna memorize 1000 bits, you need 1000 and so forth.

III) Now here’s the deal, each room should contain 10 loci. Understand this, each room has 10 locations in-built, the four corners, the four walls, the ceiling and the floor, which are the most magnetic loci in a memory palace, as Anthony Metivier says.

IV) Now, in each location you’re gonna add objects of your choice.
Let me give an example,
I imagine a blue colored single-story house. Entering it I can see 7 doors leading to 7 different rooms. 3 in the left, 3 the in the right and 1 in the front wall. Then I enter the first room to the left. I place a computer in first corner, a T.V in the second, a shelf in the third and a gun set in the fourth. Then I place a telephone in front of the first wall, a window in second, a wardrobe in third and a clock in fourth. Then I see a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and a set of plates in the floor.

Now my memory palace is created. Once created, it will be naturally stored in you long term memory and hence memorized. Walk through your palace 3-5 times forwards and backwards to stick it to your long term memory and number each of your loci in a specific order.
Things are arranged here just like in an actual house. Now I will walk through the palace a few times, like we do with a physical memory palace and number the loci to get familiar with it.

I order the loci in the following manner:

  1. Computer (Corner 1)
  2. Telephone (wall 1)
  3. T.V (corner 2)
  4. Window (wall 2)
  5. Shelf (corner 3)
  6. Wardrobe (shelf 3)
  7. Gun set (corner 4)
  8. Clock (shelf 4)
  9. Light bulb (ceiling)
  10. Plates (floor)

Please note that the object I chose came to my mind randomly. Choose different objects for each room and each palace.
For the sake of demonstation I used only the first room. The same can be done with each room and you can add as many as you want!

Now it is ready to be used to store info. I can store any information in it just like a real palace. For example, I wanna memorize 538 as my friend’s address, I will imagine a lamma feeding a snowman (according to my major system) on the computer (loci no. 1). The snowman is meting and the computer is stopping to function properly.

Additionally, you can draw out your mental or imaginary palace and number the all the loc in a paper to give it a more concrete form. It can be a coloured drawing, a graphic drawing, a pencil-made drawing, a 2-D or 3-D drawing or a simple diagram. This step is optional. If you’re not a fan of paperwork, then you can skip this step. This is done just to maintain it. Otherwise you can just connect it to your Grand Central Memory Palace.

For example, for my imaginary palace I have the following diagram from the upside(please check the photograph below).

You can create unlimited mental palaces. The objects, colour, shape, size texture of the buildings will be enough to differentiate your mental palace from each other. For example add a fan in the ceiling of the passage of a palace or a chandel hanging from another palace’s passage. While creating them feel the texture of the floor, its colour, the ceiling, does it have a chandel on the entrance? What is the colour of the floor and walls? Does the entrance have a welcome bag ?..

You can give your mental palaces names if you like so that you can find them later. I named my palace “Blue Farm House”. You can give any name you like.

I’ve been greatly impressed and benifited by using this method. I made the procedure so that everyone can use it. It took me more time to explain than it will take you to make one. But I encourage you not depend solely on imagined memory palaces. Rather use the real physical wide world which is enough to satisfy all our needed information, unless in case of any emergencies like situations where you don’t have a ready-made memory palace. These come in handy in emergency cases. Basically, you can use these while memorizing useless information like cards, abstract images etc. But its not necessary, you also use it to memorize important data during school when you don’t have a memory palace ready. All you have to do is, close your eyes for a few seconds and follow the precedure and place images. Then later you can can draw it out in a paper if you want and list it with your other memory palaces or add it to you Grand Palace. You can reuse them over and over again and create as many as you want infinitely.
Feel free to give a feedback and try it yourself. All the best!


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