How would you use inductive method to memorize?

Hi guys,

I’d registered in this forum last year. I got my full-time job last year as a data analyst. I would love to ask experts here for one question that I’ve been struggling with since the start.

So my work is about reading all kinds of social media to find the answer to those business questions from clients. It means there is no sufficient contexts allowing me to understand. I have to memorize those jargons and English professional words. Also, I need to use descriptive writing tone to describe the whole situation and answer the questions in the report. In all, it’s basically to tell a good story with text data.

I’ve been researching similar things but I have no luck. So I wonder if I’m going to build memory techniques to memorize all the projects at this company. How do I decode those stuff? Using PAO? using memory palace?

For example, my work requires me to answer " How does COVID19 affect tourists travel?" As I’m not from the industry and ther are tons of jargons I have to learn. But I failed to memorize them within 10 seconds. I don’t have time to sit down and prepare enough to go for it.

Do you guys have similar situations like me?


Use “Memory Palace”!! I use “MP” in my office work everyday. And my my work requires me to memorize thousands of info. In my work,I have to access 100+ different information everyday that I have put in my MP. There are around 1200 work related rules that I have put in different MPs(around 56 MP) so far for long term retention,and I add new info to my MPs every week…It is an ongoing and never ending process!

I also use “MP” for understanding articles,new rules,issues,meeting stuffs in my work on the fly. Memory Palace is a life saver for me;and with it,I can beat anyone,handle and resolve any issue in my work! Very FAST!!!

I also use “zettelkasten” method of note taking,as my work requires me to learn a lot of terms,ideas,rules. Some of them are quite complex and interconnected. And zettelkasten method helps me a lot in this regard!


Hi, many thanks for your info, would you please share any info regarding to zettelkasten method which you used.

Zettelkasten is a note taking method. But it is more than just ‘note taking’. With Zettlekasten method,you develop creativity,improve long term retention of info,deepen your thinking and analytical skill…

I’m so very impressed and amazed by the way Zettlekasten system works! I’m also quite disappointed that I didn’t use this system in past…

I am slowly converting all of my “Anki” cards to “Notion” app in order to use the Zettlekasten system with SRS…With Anki,you can memorize things,but you cannot develop real ‘knowledge’ and gain creativity!

Here is a nice article on Zettlekasten by Tiago Forte >>

Here is an introduction to the Zettlekasten system>>

This book is great for understanding how to build knowledge,deepen understanding of things,keep information in long term memory >> How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking

Zettlekasten is better than MindMap(for me)!


I’m kind of interested, how does the Zettelkasten system promote creativity and real knowledge in a way that anki cannot?

Anki is for ‘memorization’ only. But just memorizing doesn’t develop knowledge. According to “Bloom’s Taxanomy”,we need to apply,analyse,create,etc’ to formulate knowledge!

The problem I have with Anki is:

  1. I cannot create ‘links’ among all of my cards/notes in Anki. This is a serious problem I have been facing since 2015! All my cards are isolated from one another. And I hate this! This is a serious hindrance to formulating knowledge well and increase creativity ,according to zettelkasten system(please,read the articles above and the book if you are interested)…

  2. I have personal dislike to Anki’s algorithm which I cannot modify according to my choice and needs(Yes,I can use “custom filters/deck”,but it is still very limited). And I don’t think,Anki’s algorithm is scientifically proven to be accurate anyway…Anki keeps me chained in a certain way of doing things-the way Anki wants me to do. I don’t like this. I want to move freely!

Anki has several other limitations(editing its cards being one)…I can solve both of the above issues by combining “Zettlekasten and SRS” system on my own in a free but super powerful app like “Notion”.

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I’m not quite a firm believer of Bloom’s Taxonomy, but I really dislike anki and anki’s algorithm, I have found ways to bypass most of my issues including making my custom algorithm.

That said, if notion bypasses most of anki’s issues then it is definitely something I will look into too.

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I don’t want my ‘notes’ to remain isolated(like in Anki). I want to create connection/links among my notes(the way human brain works)…

I am not giving up SRS system. I am just trying to adopt a better way to implement SRS with my notes…In past,I only used “SRS” system. Now,I am apply both “zettelkasten and SRS” system. My personal observation(and experience doing this for a month or so) is,this is a powerful way. It helps long term retention,creative way of thinking,etc!

I want to create links like below image among my cards/notes,which I found to be a very efficient way: Not possible in Anki. So,I’m using Notion now…


I notice that you are popularising this idea. Personally, I tried this in physical way. Don’t like digital way to do it. Would you mind sharing your Notion page about Zettlekasten? I’re recently developing Roam Research. However, it’s not about which tools we’re using are the best. We have to think about the goals here.

What’s your algorithm?

I recommend you have a look at Roam Research. Notion is not good at heavy note-taking.

Here is an example Template on Zettelkasten in Notion>>>

If you have “Notion” you can duplicate it and see if it fits your need! Roam Research is surely very suitable for ZettelKasten. But due to its high price,I am using Notion,which is free…

I guess I have to retrain myself for memory palace and other memorization techniques. Would you mind I DM your for your contact information? I’d like to know about how you do it?

Everything I do can already be found in this forum. I learned everything from this forum. The forum has changed my life forever… :slight_smile:

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Honestly, there are lots of information. I kind of wanted to discuss and maybe you can show me some road map. I printed out some posts from Josh and Batman. However, there are too much information and too deep in the forum. The worst thing is people have different approaches. Today, I tried A. Tomorrow, I tried B. So I ends up with nothing…

Yeap. I understand this problem very well,as I also suffered from this issue. I joined the forum a long time ago. And I struggled to understand all the terms,writings for a year or so. It takes a long time to understand the jergons and to find the ‘right methods/ways/techniques’.

The fun thing is,one only needs the following four things to memorize anything:

  1. Memory Palace
  2. Converting abstract idea/texts to concrete images
  3. Number system
  4. PAO

It took me years to finally solve the mystery of mnemonic world,internalize these four techniques, and to confidently say: I can memorize anything at will with mnemonic techniques… :smiley:

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May I ask you to share some people in this forum who have good approaches? I can study them.

Really appreciated your help.

I’d love to answer any questions related to Roam Research and Notion if you need.