How would you memorize and/or learn economics?


I’m actually a collage student in Germany and want to learn the subject economy in the most effective, permanent and funniest way possible.

How would you do this?

Thank you for your reading and I appreciate all answers.


I know next to nothing about Economics. To accommodate an entire subject like this, you would want a family of Memory Palaces. Perhaps nested palaces.

Many of the technique descriptions emphasize the use of visual images. People vary, some are more visual, some verbal. I use images but I hear a narrative description which holds most of the information. You need to spend some time thinking about what kinds of memories your brain likes to keep and use those.

Invest in learning the Major System for memorizing numbers. It is extremely useful. It does take some practice.

For abstractions one approach is to associate something concrete with the abstract idea. Another is to construct a narrative that describes the web of logical relations that define the idea. Sometimes this is done in Socratic style as a series of challenges and responses.

Here’s a thread that’s particularly rich in different approaches to memory palaces.


Keeping in mind the advice—and link—zvuv offered, I’d just encourage you to devote time to thoroughly planning your palace(s) and really figuring out what specific types of information (and, as much as possible, how much) you want to memorize. The more time you can spend preparing for the memorization work, the better. You’ll have a more logical approach that, I think, will make storing and recall that much easier.

You’ve mentioned wanting to learn the economy/economics, which is a huge topic. I don’t want to discourage your efforts in any way, but I can’t help feeling that you would benefit from narrowing your focus—even just a little bit. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about the topic to even offer an example of what I mean…


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I agree with zvuv. I would use a family of palaces.

In terms of the abstract nature of many aspects of economics, I would also add characters. Like zvuv, I tend to use narrative as my visualisation is weak - but also always in practice. I would use characters to represent abstract concepts, much as the ancient Greeks did for Grammatica for grammar. Indigenous cultures do this all the time. So Recession would be a character and Market would be one, with a bull and bear split personality, maybe. I don’t know much about economics, so am just guessing here.

Hope it goes well!


You may want to consider an organizational approach like the one Mayarra describes in this thread: 1.000.000-loci Memory Palace.

Her management of multiple—and extensive—memory palaces seems like one powerful way to handle a massive amount of information within imagined spaces. If you want something more real-world based, I’d encourage you to read Lynne Kelly’s posts here that describe both a memory journey/walk through her neighborhood, where she has encoded a huge amount of information, and her use of physical memory aids such as the lukasa.



Thank you so much for your answer!

I didn’t know about that article you shared with me.
It was helpful and gave me a new perspective!

I appreciate your honesty!

Your tips are great!

Thank you for your answer!

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Do you want to learn economics specifically to pass your exams? If that is your goal then I recommend focusing on exam-relevant material and well-organised memory palaces.

I want to learn about the share market and I have been wondering what is the best way to go about it. I don’t just want to memorise a bunch of facts, I want to actually understand it. Maybe I’ll start by learning the vocabulary.

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, it’s probably time that I re-read The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzken.