How to use major system?

Is it necessary to combine major system and method of loci?
What can I lern using major system? Is it helpful in learning something else than just memorizing numbers?

The Major System is good for memorizing numbers. You can also use it as a peg list or for mnemotechnic words.

You can use the Major System with the method of loci, or by itself.

When you think of numbers, also think of dates. If you need to recall any kind of historical information and link it to specific dates, the Major System is your friend. (Among other things, I’m using it to memorize all of the Academy Award winners for Best Picture and the year(s) they won.)

If you need to memorize a sequence of items quickly, using the Major System as your ready-to-go peg list is invaluable. It will allow you to quickly associate a number with any item and then easily recall that specific association.

Hi there, Josh. I am interested in finding out how to use the Major System. I am familiar with the more basic Number-Shape and Number-Rhyme systems for remembering basic lists, such as shopping lists and random object lists. Am I correct in the assumption that the Major System works in the same way as the Number - Shape system? Or is it more like the Number - Rhyme system? I only really want to use it for really long shopping lists, and random word lists, because I just want to test the system to see if it is a viable method of memorisation. I was reading the other posts, and I saw that somebody had said they were using it to remember award winners, along with years that they each won an award. Is the idea behind learning the system to learn 10 “peg words” a day? Any help or info would be great, thanks. All the best, Joe W. :slight_smile:

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It is based on pronunciation of numbers not letters however you can find the shapes of numbers in them.
So you can use it as number rhyme and shape system.

But it takes little time to performed well than shape and rhyme system.
In the beginning try to do only 00 to 99 list.

I am major system user too but I modified some letters of major system. And Josh also modified some letters of major system too. (But maybe josh is using ben system)

I am not using ben system.

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The how to memorize numbers video has some examples of how some of the number memorization systems work.

After watching the video, check out these links:

An alternative to the major system that you might like to check out is the shaper system.

The Major System is extremely effective and can take your memorization to the next level. I learned it as the Phonetic System, but my understanding is that they are the same thing. Here’s a brief on how it works:

Assign the numbers 0-9 a consonant association. Here are the 10 consonant sounds used for this in the arrangement I learned from Derren Brown. They don’t have to be in this arrangement, but I have found it is the easiest to memorize. I learned it in under a minute. (Mnemonic aids are in parenthesis)

0 - s/z (zero is round like the Sun)
1 - l (looks like the lowercase l)
2 - n (lowercase n has 2 downstrokes)
3 - m (lowercase m has 3 downstrokes)
4 - r (fouR)
5 - f/v (FiVe)
6 - p/b (looks like lowercase b)
7 - t/d (looks like lowercase t)
8 - ch/sh/j (maybe… 8 turned sidewise they look like the wheels of a choo-choo train)
9 - g/k (looks like lowercase g)

Now here’s the clever part. Take any numbers (34, 05, 52). Turn them into their consonant sounds: (M-R, S-F/V, F/V-N) add some vowels to turn them into words: (haMMeR, SaFe, PHoNe). It was called the Phonetic System because only the sound the word makes matters, not how its spelled. This is why 52 was turned into PHoNe. It makes the “ffff” sound.

Anyway, that’s the basics. Takes some practice, but you can easily turn any 2-digit number into a single object you can visualize. Some take it even farther and make any 3-digit word an object. (074 = STaR or STaiR), 3-digits is much harder to find all the words. Other people’s lists already exist though and are out there for free, save yourself the time and do some searching. They may have a different arrangement (maybe 0 = l, 1 = b/p and so on) but that wont matter, all their words will still work for your arrangement you just need to match them with the right number based on your number to sound arrangement.

Last example: 974325892346 = A GoD (97) butting heads with a RaM (43) that pulls out a KNiFe (25) and GoD retaliates by pulling out a CHalK (89) board, meanwhile an angel is playing dramatic music on a haRP (46) in the background.

A simple blending of the Phonetic System with the Story Method. Not a very good story, but it works well enough. Hope this helps.