Which System you use for images

What system do you use for the Memory League images event?

From comments that were removed:

  • Erol: shaper system?
  • Simon: peg list system
  • SilvioB: memory palace?
  • LynneKelly: memory palace

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I use the Peg system to memorize 30 images in the league, often between 22 and 25 seconds. and Sometimes in 19 seconds
I think the action type of each image is very important
And it affects the speed and accuracy of remembering

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I do use a memory palace, but I have reduced each location to something really specific from the location. There is a sequence of grey, brown, green - and an instance of the colour all I look for in the image. I don’t place the image in the palace location. Another has a horizontal letter box, so I just find a horizontal line in the image. That is working well.


I just placed 3 per loci and had them interacting. I got to level 10 but I haven’t tried any more since.