How to create a memory palace with Google Maps?

How to create a memory palace with Google Maps? Does it work?

That sounds interesting, never tried it though.

I was recently checking out the Google Earth with its 3d look around. It seems to have a lot of potential for making memory palaces.


Checkout Matterport. I use these three locations currently. I like them better than convential
memory palaces.
We are having a meeting where we talk about stuff like this at 9:00AM Central Standard time today. Here is the link.
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I didn’t make them. It is Matterport. It is a realestate software sales tool. There are hundreds of them available. Just google matterport.

Here and example with Google Maps…

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There is software that allows you to build full cities This may be an option:

I purchased this and will do a write up after I tinker with it.

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Hello Joy,
I wish they had a preview of what this really is. It is hard to tell. Let us know what you think of it. Have a good weekend.