Dominic System - build and rebuild

As a newbie, I’ve created my dominic system upto 80 right now and can memorize up to 50.

Felt I do not know enough people with initials to continue. But, ,that is ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, in the system GSP fights with GL Pieries (70) and GL Pieries fights with GSP (75) - Not sure whether this is the good way to go. Anyhow I sure can remember it.


What I see in your illustrations is a PAO (Person Action Object) System using Major System encodings. Usually when we call Dominic System, it has the encodings suggested by Dominic which are different than Major System (like 0 - O, 1 - A, 2 - B, … and so forth)

Congratulations on achieving 80 entries in your system. All the best for your studies.


Thanks for the comment.

Yes I do have a firm base on the major system since I started on this.

One of my problem is, retention. Any idea on how to practise it in your mind?

If you want to recall , simply see the page of your Pao by eidetic memory.
And some fast tricks that you place in your memory palace.

If you need more people you can try the following sites to help:
People by initials -

Famous fictional characters -

The text file at the bottom of this (in Art of Memory)

I had come across a giant google sheets with plenty of names but can’t find it now.


There’s also a thread with 10,000 people by initials.

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That’s excellent.

I just found the list I was referring to. It’s here

This was one of the resources I used to help fill in the blank spaces when building my PAO.


How many unique PAO versions do you guys have?
I believe most have 0-99 PAO
100 - 199, 200- 299, and so on.

I’m quite new (working on memory techniques, on and off, since the beginning of the summer) so am not an expert. My sense is people create one PAO (typically from 00-99), and also have a separate system for 0-9 (e.g., number rhyme). Folks will make many memory palaces but only one PAO. That’s my understanding and I’m interested to see what the experts think.

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This is great.

Thanks for this Michael. Do you also create memory palace?

Absolutely! I have two memory palaces so far. (I take photos of places and keep them in a folder, and also list each room and the objects in each room in an excel file. This combo helps me to quickly memorize the memory palace. I’ll also use it to help with memorizing whatever I’m trying to memorize.). The PAO and memory palaces play different roles so I believe you need both.

There’s a discussion group on memory palaces in the Art of Memory, which I suggest you check out. I just discovered they also have software to help build memory palaces and there’s a web site (I can’t find it now) that helps you build them. The website is free, though I haven’t used it yet.

The first time I tried to use a memory palace I didn’t appreciate that it really does take work, both the create the memory palace and to place things in it for recall. However, the work is more fun than rote memorization, it takes less time than rote memorization, and the memories are far stickier than rote memorization.

Good luck.