God of Memory, you would like to be? See below

Don’t flag this. I have nothing to do with this book. I’m happy I found it and want you to know it exists and is very helpful. If you don’t like it, at least let this survive for someone who might appreciate it.

Lynne Kelly, Memory Craft.
Author, book.

Since my last post, I have gone on to multiple discoveries. In all my years, I have never been so excited about ANYTHING academic or intellectual as I have been about this. Memory Craft. Buy that book, BUY that BOOK, BUY THAT BOOK, BUY THAT BOOOOK!!!

No, I’m not exaggerating. I no longer have use for this website’s tutorial’s or any other video, book, or anything else. *



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That book was my christmas gift :joy:


As soon as I can get the money, I’m ordering it hard back. I’m only reading it online atm. I wish it came in something fancier so I could ball out on it, but maybe I’ll save some money up and get it rebound in some leather or something similar.

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And I was unaware, but it makes sense given the nature of her work and the fact she competed in the memory championship at one point- @LynneKelly has an account here!

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I didn’t know there was an online version of the book… where’s that? Amazon?

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Yes! That book changed my life. No kidding. I love that it gives the real context for memory training outside of memory sports (which don’t have a lot of real world applications). It was an eye-opening epiphany to realize “Hey, THAT’S what all that memory training stuff is for!”

I’m trying a lot of her experiments - the History Walk, the Winter Count, and so on - and I’m just loving it. My kid is currently learning her multiplication tables using the Rapscallions.


I’m reading it on Scribd atm
It HAS to be available for purchase online in the typical places I would think, but I have not as yet checked

I am elated for you, and especially your child. It is ALWAYS wonderful to hear that a child is learning, and best of all that he or she may be enjoying doing so.

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I completely agree with you. What we needed was a passionate, educated person who was just as enthusiastic about these things as we are- and @LynneKelly IS that person.


Thank you so much, @MagicallyDelicious. I am really chuffed by your comments.


I am so delighted to read this. There is a school using the rapscallion multiplication tables and finding the students who were not engaged in maths are suddenly enjoying it. They only have them draw the tables for those they don’t already know - and some of the artistic types are doing wonderful things. Given the more artistically inclined are often (but far from always) the less mathematically inclined, the teachers are rapt in the outcomes.

Thank you so much for sharing your pleasure in the walks and winter count. I am really delighted to read this.



Im currently reading Memory Codeas an audiobook. Really interesting look at how indigenous cultures use memory techniques so far. Ill have to put Memory Craft on the list too.

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Not related, but I own a physical copy of Memory Craft and love it! I would really like to have the audiobook as well…but it says that I cannot purchase in the United States. I was wondering if there is any possible way of me getting it.

It’s available on Audible.

It won’t let me purchase it

I get this message

Title Not For Sale In This Country/Region

We’re sorry, Audible is not authorized to sell this title in your country/region. Please consider another book.

I read it last year and just gave it a re-read a few weeks ago. It’s excellent.

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Sorry, I didn’t see that. The message doesn’t show until I log in.

Alexa can read it to you if you have the Kindle book.

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