Formatting posts

If there are leading spaces on a line, the editor thinks that you’re trying to write code and will format it differently. (It’s easier to format code with triple backticks though.)

(Edit: this post was split off from another discussion.)

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I have to learn some Markdown. I’ve been ignoring it out of snobbishness. Real men write HTML!


I just realized that not all of the available markdown options have editor buttons, so I just updated the formatting guide to cover most of the formatting than can be used in the forum (tables, nested lists, ins/del, etc.).

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I think this editor supports all the White Listed HTML tags. Here’s a table

The table header
The table body with two columns

and a list

  1. ships
  2. shoes
  3. sealing wax

But inline style tags don’t work


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A few HTML tags will work, but I think it strips out all attributes. If you copy rendered HTML onto the clipboard, you can also paste that into the editor to convert it to markdown.

(I moved these posts to a new thread so that it doesn’t sidetrack the math conversation there.)

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