Finwings training journal: Combining memory sports and knowledge learning

Hi there,

thanks for reading my training journal, I appreciate it. Feel free to ask everything. If you are interested we could also train together or race for a training goal. Don’t hesitate to challenge me :checkered_flag:

I wasn’t very active in the past months, so there is much to do. Fortunately I have more time now.

  • The first goal for the near future is to re-learn my three digit major system. Most of the numbers bigger than 200 are either too slow or completely forgotten. I plan to add and train 20 images a day. This should be finished by the end of August, fluency probably needs way longer.

  • The second goal is to memorize book contents each day. Usually I convert the informations into imaginary journeys that I then use as palaces for memory sports. This is different from the common Method of Loci that makes use of real or virtual locations. The big advantage is that I can combine memory sports with knowledge repetition. I’m really curious if I could compete with the fastest memory athletes out there using this approach.

  • Last but not least I will try to train at Memory League on a daily basis, at least one round in each of the five disciplines. Yesterday I played for the first time in weeks and right away got a new personal record: 30 words in one minute. Yay!

Updates on my progress are planned for every 2 to 4 weeks at most (as I don’t want to annoy forum users that aren’t interested in my journal).

See you :slightly_smiling_face: