Direct visualization and superimposition

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Hey all,

I was wondering if anybody did this. Direct visualization and superimposition which is basically where you would capture snapshots of things like mathematical equations into your minds’ eye and then you walk through a memory palace and impose it onto certain objects. But you try to see them really clearly in your minds’ eye and emphasize certain features.

Is there anybody here that has done this? Of course you can do this w/mnemonic techniques; I know because I’ve done this with some equations.

Also, is it possible for us to get an examples category on this website? It would just be really neat to just have a repository of examples you can see and look into. Why doesn’t this website have that category? Preferably separate just to get inspired and have ideas on how to go about things.

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Have you see this post yet: Physics Equations - 180+ - Video Inside ?

I guess the examples are scattered around various posts and sections. If you type “example” into the search box, there will be some results. Are you looking for a specific kind of example?

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I have seen that post!
That’s where I got my inspiration from and it allowed me insight on how it would be done!

I know that you can search up examples on the search bar, but what do you think about adding it as a separate section? It will be nice to have a bunch of examples in one bin so anyone that’s looking for some insight in how other people are doing things can get inspirations from there as well as a general idea of how to go about doing it because I see a lot of people asking for insight on how to do certain techniques on this forum a lot but they’re scattered all over the place. It would just be nice to have a separate section for all of that.

Not sure what your thoughts are on it though, but would love to know.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m trying to get a better idea about what kind of examples you’re looking for. Could you link to a few posts that you would consider as good candidates for an examples section? There may be a way for us to group them for easy access.

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Posts like this:

Why? Because they all have direct examples that you can read off of and even try on your own right away.

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I have done this before, I have had success in 3 main ways.

  1. Turning parts of the equation into pegs, they are then images which I would remember, the downside to this is that even though I can use the equation I have to constantly generate it.

  2. Drawing the equations into locations, this has had the most success, seemingly the fact that the equation is drawn means that if I spot a similar equation I automatically recognise the one I remember. I can essentially remember them very cleanly, I have done this also with images making up the equations (which is more memorable), spatial manipulation is very much essential.

  3. Simply capturing whatever was there and placing it as is in my memory palace perhaps in a different colour. Less successful than 2 because the information is imprecise, it feels a lot like when you look at a page and remember the page but can’t read the text on that page, just a bit better if you take small enough parts to recognise.This meant that even when I remembered an equation I would often miss tiny parts of the equation or mix them up if I do not review sufficiently.

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I’ve added a way to group posts like that by tagging them with #examples. (Click that hashtag to visit the collection.) The examples span multiple categories, so that’s probably the easiest way to group them.

I’ll browse around now and add a few more threads now. If you see other threads that you think should be added to the examples, send me a message (or flag the post and choose “Something Else” under the reason), and we’ll add them.