Completely new! Want to memorize nature books... need help!

Hi all
Totally new to this after reading Lynne Kelly’s book about aboriginal people using memory techniques. Googled a bit and here I am! Basically, I really want to learn a lot of info in a few local nature books I have. It’s mostly to do with recalling the key facts for use when I’m out on trails, e.g. remembering species names, descriptions of the plants/aninamls/fungi, their habitats, distribution, history or human uses, etc.

Which memory technique is best for this kind of thing? I’ve seen various methods for numbers, ordering/lists, or using stories and even loci/walking methods. But I’m stumped where to start for this kind of book/info. I think it’s probably a combination of all types of info and not one specific aspect.

Where should I start?


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Did you read Memory Craft or The Memory Code? Memory Craft has a lot of interesting techniques in it.

There are some related discussions here:

If you post a specific example of something you want to memorize, people here could brainstorm ideas on how to memorize it.

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I read Memory Code. I went to Amazon to get Memory Craft but it says pre-order only and I don’t have a Kindle! :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for the links, will definitely check those out.

I wonder if it’s sold out on Amazon.

I think Book Depository has paper copies with free worldwide delivery. If you get the Kindle version you can read it in your web browser at or on a mobile phone with the app. I read them on my phone, since I don’t have a Kindle device.

You might also want to search through her posts on memorizing birds:

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Thank you!