Cant remember what I'm posting about!

Hello.Was wondering what would be the best book too progress further
Started of with Darren brown tricks of the mind
Then Memory palace by Lewis smile
My next goal is to memorize cards
At this stage I know I am right at the start,so I find it easier with books that go through steps that I can follow and slowly build up to what I want to achieve.
With just reading the books mentioned it has helped me.(I could quiet easily forget my have got my age on my birthday wrong making me older,keys and wallet well iv lost a few)
Any advice appreciate and can wait to being able to remember a deck of cards which I never thought would be possible
Ps topic subject I wrote will be true in a day where il probably forget I posted this

Did you also forget about your post from four years ago?

Did you read the book that was suggested to you back then?

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Actually did.
Also forgot I I regestered
Think I definitely need too do this now lol.thanks will look up book


See also this list of memory books for ideas.

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