What Are the Best Memory Books to Read?

If you are new to memory techniques, start with our free PDF e-booklet, and then try some of the books below.

These books are about how to use the memory techniques:

  • Memory Craft by Lynne Kelly describes a wide range of interesting memory techniques to experiment with.
  • Quantum Memory Power by Dominic O’Brien is also a great introduction. It’s an audiobook that takes you through the basic principles. Dominic O’Brien is an eight-time World Memory Champion and is also a master at teaching the techniques. You might be able to get a free copy using the free trial of Audible.
  • You Can Have an Amazing Memory by Dominic O’Brien is worth reading in addition to Quantum Memory Power.

These books are about the history or cultural influence of memory techniques:

  • Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer gives a general overview of the world of “mental athletes”. The book doesn’t explain how to use memory techniques, but it’s a good book if you want a general introduction to the field.
  • The Art of Memory by Frances Yates is a classic book about the history of memory in Western civilization. She doesn’t use or explain the techniques, but this is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the history of memory techniques in Western civilization.
  • The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly is another must-read book that explores the influence of memory techniques in oral cultures, tracing them back many thousands of years ago, well before the Ancient Greeks.

See Josh’s memory books reading list for additional ideas.

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