Can anyone train me to use memory palace? (Chemistry)

I don’t know how to use it specially in chemistry

I recommend searching the forum and reading some of these posts:

Here’s one example: How to memorize molecular structure in chemistry with a memory palace

If you post a specific example of what you’re trying to memorize, we could help you brainstorm some ideas on how to memorize it.

See also how to create a memory palace, the getting started guide, and the FAQs.

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Welcome! have you ever used a Memory Palace? if not, I strongly suggest you make one with the room you are in at the moment, but with just simple objects and or people.

Try to imagine this : if there is a bed, cover it up with gigantic olives, hear the oil dripping off the bed sheets, remember how it tastes like, feels like, lay down in it, chop one. if there’s a chair, break it in half with a carrot, staining the broken chair in a bright fire orange. If there is a table, make the table have a big mouth crunching on a Cucumber and place a gigantic cracking egg under the table, lifting it up and down, making it dance.


What’s on the bed ?
What broke the chair ?
What was the table eating ?
What was lifting up the table ?

In the mind, once the skill is developed with practice, you can link hundreds of images to familiar locations. But start easy and play And then the only step to take is to develop the skill to create images of what you need to remember in chemistry and Medicine and place them in locations you know like you did above.

How did you do with the exercise above?

You can try a room you are not in at the moment, maybe the bathroom, the soap can be with mushrooms, the windows covered in Coca-Cola, the bath filled with an army of blabbering dna shaped creatures, the toilet overflowing of hundreds of honking cars…


When it comes to chemistry, things get a little difficult. Especially because there are so many compounds and reactions, Here is an example of how I use it for chemistry.

The reaction is:-

S2O8+2I- ====>I2 + SO4.

Where Fe3+ is used as catalyst

Now the image

I imagine a 2 spotted Octopus (S2O8) [since octopus starts with O and has 8 arms] on my desk and I am putting a pinch of salt (salt containing Iodine) over it.

Now I imagine because of the salt the octopus vomited a brown coloured liquid (Iodine) and turned safed(it means white colour in Indian language)(sounds similar to sulphate).

Because it lost it camouflage, it was seen and eaten by Iron man (Fe) and became his free (similar to three 3) meal

Since I put the situation On my desk. It is my first locus

Similarly I can create other such loci for other reactions.


How to do this with organic chemistry it’s so difficult i mean there are many bulky structures and i can’t imagine it or encode it into simple pic

Thanks :purple_heart::cherry_blossom:

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Thank u​:grinning::grin:

Thanks for this kinds of questions and answer.

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You can learn formulas of chemistry with the help of memory palace system.
Example- for learning thermodynamics formulas of chemistry you first link formulas into words with the help of any system and then you can put in kitchen
And for every formula you first categories it
And then store in Garage , Hall , Room , etc.
For learning periodic table in chemistry . You can choose your memory palace and put every metal in that
Ex- Mercury ( *first I relate it as thermometer because Mercury is filled in this and put on the table *)in my memory palace no. 80 is my table.

For learning organic chemistry you can create many little stories.

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Give me an example of equations of organic chemistry.

Here is an example


Here is how it works

Remember the no. Of leaves as the no. Of carbons (watch out for branching) and the two joined rings as red fruits (whatever you like)

Now for the N and Cl I haven’t drawn but let me tell you

Remember each N as a blue bird (like symbol of twitter) sitting there at each position where there is N

Imagine a yellow butterfly at the position of Cl.

Now you have a image that is pretty much memorable.

Hope it helps.


@Vertexion It is really nice, Vertexion
I changed some for me
That for HN , I assume a HoNey there
and for Cl ,I think it like a monkey that is hanging on :evergreen_tree:

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Well that’s nice too, I used these because I don’t know why blue colour reminds me on Nitrogen.

And Cl is used to bleach hair (yellowish colour) so I associated it with yellow colour.

If you want another approach to learn this
I can associate it as Vaccum Cleaner
HN - I think it as HaNdle
Cl - I link this with magnet switch (*it shape
similar to magnet
Lower N is like a tire
And upper N is as joining block or imagine it as design
And with my approach, You can store in Room
Or in Lab

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I had not thought of a magnet for the Cl !! Great one! Really find your joining blocks N quite useful, reminded me immediately of a toy I had as a child :smile_cat:

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Guys ur ideas r awesome thank u all​:cherry_blossom::purple_heart:

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Can you gave me the name of this compound
For knowledge.


You can easily link as Chloro Queen is holding his vacuum cleaner with his hands.