How to memorize molecular structure in chemistry with a memory palace

This video includes an example of memorizing the molecular structure of caffeine.


" turn your mind into a fun house of images"

I really like how that sounds!!!

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Thanks for that - even although it’s now 6 years old :slight_smile:

Now I’ve learnt my first memory palace - a key moment in any youngster’s life.

As usual, I manage to do things the wrong way round. Although my natural memory is beginning to fade, it’s still good enough to memorize simple chemical formulae at a glance. I had no problem remembering the images from the video. But to place these images in the correct sequence, I had to use the formula: C-H-N-O :grin:

I have one question. I’m aware that some of the guys on this forum maintain thousands of palaces. How would they know which palace contains the chemical formula for caffeine?

Do they use one palace as an “index” to the other palaces? :grin:


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I used to use the palace pointing to all my palaces, but I stopped using it when I realized that every time I wanted to get back to a specific information I would automatically know where it is. I guess it came with time and practice. Actually I have no clue. I know this is really hard to believe when you have tens of thousands of locations and different types of information.

Maybe somebody else can share that they have many palaces and get back to any information just by thinking of that information.

Perhaps when I create a memory palaces or the way I review them makes this possible ? But as far as I’m concerned I do pretty much the same thing as everybody else. also, I have an less than average memory, apparently.

P.S keep an index, just in case :scream:

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