Can a Parallel Reverse Memory Palace be used for learning and practicing simultaneoulsy?

I had read a post called Do you use "reverse lookup"? #MPRL

And I think that with that method every time I can learn and practice more than one thing that can be practiced mentally at a time ,

But I have two questions -

When studying Maths can I attempt to learn a text from a Maths book and practice a sum which requires the knowlage of that text simultaneously by using a Reverse Memory Palace?


Can I attempt to learn multiple texts of Maths and practice multiple sums which require the knowlage and implementation of that text,simultaneously by using Parallel Memory Palaces with Reverse Memory Palaces ?,

Because I think that by using Parallel Memory Palaces with Reverse Memory Palaces I can learn one thing(A sentence of a Maths book) and practice more than one thing at a time(Multiple Mathamatical sums which require the use and implementation of that sentence).

And you can know about Parallel Memory Palaces from the page below -

And if the answer of the both the questions is yes then this method can help students to get more marks in maths in which students have to learn statements,equations etc and practice them,

I did not create this this method I but I had thought of using both the Reverse Memory palace and The Parrallel Memory palace methods at the same time,


Have a Great Day.