Anyone who uses anime in memorizing deck of cards or numbers? How's your system?

I like anime. But I find it difficult to assign my favorite anime characters to my deck of cards.

I tried to do this before, it worked relatively well for me. I found I had far too many possible associations.

I could just assign cards that were associated with the character either by their ‘name’ or if assigned to indicate something.

Queen/King/Jack are relatively easy to assign to many characters. So I would think rather than assigning your favorite characters it makes more sense to assign characters as they fit. If you assign your favorite characters but they don’t particularly have any fitting association, then you are just going to be associating ‘person’ to ‘card’, which will be significantly more difficult (still very feasible however).

Distinguishing between spade,diamond,heart,clubs, is more where the challenge is with cards.
I found I could assign characters based on their properties, e.g
Kaoru should be queen of hearts rather than any other. This makes it easy to remember the exact card the character is indicating. Sometimes emotions help too,

heart -> openhearted. loving
diamond->royal,good person but not so much loving
spades -> evil, schadenfreude
clubs ->enforcing justice, not a good person but not so much evil.
Although it is up to you how this is actually done.

My advice would be to focus on what particularly makes them represent the card or however you associate them.

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oh thank you. I’m using dominic system so I collect names of celebrities for their initials. But sometimes i feel that s0me images d0esn’t suit me. S0 im trying to use anime characters. Thnks f0r the advice. Im sure it will take s0me time

I use a lot of anime in my system and peg lists :slight_smile:

My PAO system is posted here: Maya's Modernized Millennium PAO
The persons from 000 to 599 are all from animated series and movies. I will extend it soon to use it in a 2-card system which will add more animated characters (among which a lot from anime) that I saved for that. The likes of Avatar, Fullmetal Alchemist, RWBY, Dragon Ball, Death Note, you name it.

As you can see in my system, I mainly work with categories.

Each set of numbers (and cards) is a series, and I try to give the characters a natural spot in that set.
Lets take 300-309 as an example, the Straw-Hat Crew
300: Monkey D. Luffy - Captain of the crew, so first in the list
301: Roronoa Zoro - First Mate, and swordsman (1 looks like a sword), also first to join
302: Nami - 2 looks like the swirl in her tattoo, also second to join
303: Usopp - if you turn the middle of a 3 the other way, you have a hand-catapult, also third to join
304: Sanji - 4 looks like a boot, also fourth to join
305: Tony Tony Chopper - 5 looks like a hat, also fifth to join
306: Nico Robin - Swirling hand motion, also sixth to join
307: Franky - Sharp edge, also seventh to join
308: Brook - G-Clef, also eighth to join
309: Nevetari Vivi - always felt like a straw-hat member, never actually joined (And Jimbe is among the warlords)

I can recall the image by translating the number. 3 is anime, 0 of that category is straw hats, 8 of that group is Brook. So 308 is Brook.

Cards work similarly. Diamonds in my current system are straw hats, with luffy being 10 and J, Q, K being supporting characters (Rayhleigh, Hancock and Shanks). This will change a bit though as I will build my new system

What do you find difficult?

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nice to see your list. I’ll try to incorporate this with my fav anime.
btw, in your example 308 Brook. You memorize it as 308 equals brook? no Major system or what?

I indeed never used the major or dominic systems to convert letters/sounds into images.

My systems have always been category systems, which are shaped like the example I linked :slight_smile:

thank you thank you. while resting I’ll slowly build my list.

The most important thing you can do when you create your images is actually seeing them in your mind! You shouldn’t just use an image because it fits the code. I have my number/card images for 8 years!! Some of my images don’t even fit my code because I couldn’t find anything I liked so I picked images I did like haha

practicing during quarantine is quite good. but somehow there are images i don’t really like that much even if fits my code. changing almost 110 images is a task. . wao for 8 years, i need to pick images i would like to see for years

Find images you like because they are going to stick with you for awhile! You should be able to see all your images clearly!

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thanks. I’m looking for images that i really like so it doesn’t bother me looking at it again and again

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