Anyone knows how to memorize a few tables of numbers, e.g. a financial statement?

Method of loci is good at sequence, I can use it well to remember poker cards with PAO system.

But how to handle number table? or a group tables?

say column title by 2008-2013, and line title by revenue, gross profit, EBITDA and net income.

and a few more similar table of different companies.

I can’t er… remember where I saw this method originally. It might have been on, but I couldn’t find it when I just did a quick search.

It was something along the lines of using alphabet pegs as columns and number pegs as rows.

So the table structure might look something like this:


If your alphabet peg images are something like:

A = ant
B = bee
C = cat

and your number pegs are something like:

1 = candle
2 = swan
3 = handcuffs

Then you would attach images A and 1 to cell A1, images B and 2 to cell B2, etc.

I haven’t tried it exactly like this – just passing on the concept that I read about. :slight_smile:

That’s something that Harry Lorayne covers in The Memory Book under the section about memory maps. And, I think this would probably work, but I’d recommend that the OP add an additional row and columb so that B1 be the category for the first column and A2 represent the date for which the figure applies.

It’s been a while since I looked at anything like this, but I forget whether or not you need both of those bits of information.

That is a fascinating method @Josh!