Another approach using movies

Dear friends,

I want to talk to you about a new approach. You can also call it “Bekir approach” :slight_smile: .
We have been watching many movies on YouTube, Netflix or even with CDs since childhood, right? You know some movies by heart (Matrix, Titanic, cast away, etc.).
According to this technique, you choose a movie, when you watch a movie, you stop it wherever you want according to the flow of the movie and use an object there as a hook.
Movies are everywhere and does not change.
I think, memory palace does not work well for things that depend on you. For example, a video you shot or an environment you lived in the past…
Extensive memorization can be done with Oscar award-winning films or TV series.
This is useful for memorizing a large number of objects, but recalling by number can be troublesome.

What do you think in general?
Thank you

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