An approach to memorize a dictionary

So, I thought of an approach to memorize a dictionary in a very organized way, and I’d like to have some opinions on it.
It is based on Gavino's Massive Memory Palace System and letter pairs.
First, you start with a main memory palace. This memory palace would have 26 loci. Each of these 26 loci would have a letter associated with them, and 2 page numbers(the beginning page, the ending page). This letter indicates the first letter of the words. Now, each of these loci would lead to other inner memory palaces. These memory palaces, let’s call them “B”, would also each contain 26 loci. On each of these loci would be 2 letters indicating the first two letters of the words(to make an image for that, you need to know letter pairs) and 2 page numbers(the beginning page number-the ending page number), along with a link to another inner memory palace, which, if it’s big enough, would be the final inner memory palace(otherwise, you can continue going inner and inner). This final memory palace will contain words along with definitions. Of course, you can use the list of letters pairs that you have memorized to make it easier. If this final memory palace ranges from page K to K+1, you would use the first locus to indicate that from there onward, you are looking at words on page K. Once you finish the words on that page, you use another locus to put K+1, which indicates that from there onward, you are on page k+1.
Your initial memory palace will contain 26 loci. The first locus, for example, would have an alligator drinking tea and eating a man (to indicate that the words starting with the letter “A” range from page 1 to page 32). Of course, it would also somehow be linked to another inner memory palace.
In this inner memory palace, you would have 26 loci. On the first locus, for example, you would have Noah shooting with an Anti-aircraft gun shooting tea (Anti-aircraft gun stands for AA - from - Tea stands for 1, Noah stands for 2). That locus would obviously have a link to a memory palace. This memory palace would have plenty of loci, of which the first would be linked to Tea. You would have words, like “a” or “aab” (whatever words) that are on the first page. Then, once you’re done with the first page, you link the next locus to “Noah” to indicate that you reached the second page. From there on, your words start with “aa” and are on the second page.
Now, if, for example, the memory palace for “AB” contains too many words to put into a single memory palace, you can make more inner memory palace. For example, you can create 2 locus in the mini memory palace “AB”. One is linked to “j” and the other to “z”(and of course the 2 page numbers and the other inner memory palace). That indicates that the first inner memory palace of “AB” contains words starting with AB followed by letters from a to j, and the second inner memory palace of “AB” contains words starting with AB followed by letters from j to z.

In the minimal case, you would only need 26*26+1 = 677 memory palaces.
I hope you get the idea.
I do know that once you are in the inner memory palace for the letter “A” you do not need to use “AA” or “AB” but can simply use “A” or “B”, but I thought it would be less confusing to have it like that. Plus, why not? If you have the letter pairs system which is extremely useful in some cases to memorize some words, why not use it?
I feel like this is more advantageous than Dr. Yip’s way, because you have the words organized by letters rather than organized by pages (letters are the priority here). This makes the reverse search a lot easier. If someone tells you the word “ABACUS”, you’d just search and find it in the “AB” memory palace. You’d also have the page number in that memory palace, somewhere in a locus behind it. But, you can also easily search for words on a page. If someone gives you page number 27, you’d simply find that the locus of A in the main memory palace contains words that range from page 1 to page 31. You’d go in the inner “A” memory palace. In that memory palace, you’d maybe find that words starting with “AK” range from page 26 to 28. And finally, in the inner memory palace “AK”, you’d find the word.


hello I am from France, your system interests me, can you give me a complete example for a letter please, thank you