Ambient and Generative Music

I wasn’t familiar with ambient music until the past year. I like some of Brian Eno’s pieces.

I watched this clip a couple of days and thought it was interesting that he is using what looks like JavaScript to create some of the effects (1:44).


Thanks Josh!
Seems like there is an SDK to manipulate the program.
This intrigues me to dig deeper.
I’m a more post rock + heavy metal guy, who enjoys ambiance music when the moods sets in.

Highly enjoy Philip Glass’s work too. (found by watching the Qatsi trilogy)

I wonder if it’s Logic Pro.

Logic is mentioned in this article, which also mentions one called Koan, which became Noatikl and then Wotia.

It looks like Brian Eno also created some music apps:


I wonder that playing 8 hour Max Richter’s Sleep while sleeping, has an effect on lucid dreaming or just a placebo for not having nightmares.
Any Thoughts.
(This version has Ads init. Not sure how’d that work out for some one who is sleeping/dreaming hehe)

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I mentioned that piece to a friend, and he mentioned some other pieces, so I’ll post them here. :slight_smile:

Moby – Long Ambients

Arctica – Annuminas

Robert Rich – Somnium

Someone told me that Annuminas’ entire Bandcamp discography is on sale for €7.70 (36 releases) at the moment. Here’s a link, if anyone is interested:

I want to try writing some ambient music at some point. There’s an interesting page on generative music here:

also interesting:

a JavaScript library called Tone.js:

an introduction to synths (written with Tone.js):

a synth in the browser:

and a downloadable simulator:

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