Are binaural beats effective for ADHD?

I keep hearing about the supposed benefits of listening to binaural beats and its alleged impact on mental focus. Is there hard data on this? Specifically, is there hard data on this for ADHD sufferers?

I’ve looked around and spotted an academic paper or two. One was inconclusive for ADHD sufferers and the other asserted a positive correlation, but I didn’t see much in the way of hard data.

I’m wary of “snake oil.”

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I’m not sure — I tried to listen to binaural beats a couple of times, but the sound was too unpleasant.

I find that upbeat harpsichord music helps me focus well though. Nature sounds work pretty well for me too. :slight_smile:


I can’t give hard data on this unfortunately, just anecdotal evidence. Some years ago I experimented with the Mega Brain Zones music by Michael Hutchison. Two of them are worth mentioning: ‘Deep Relax’ and ‘Focus’.

After a Deep Relax session, I usually slept for twelve hours or more during the following night. Very dangerous when you have to get up in the morning. Sometimes I even fell asleep while listening. That never happens with other music.

On the other hand I had problems to sleep after listening to Focus. I went to bed at evening and tried to fall asleep, but I couldn’t until half of the night was over.

In my opinion binaural beats are one of the few ‘esoteric’ things that could actually work. But people are different, and what helps one person possibly fails to do so for another one. I would suggest that you give it a try. There is also some freeware that allows you to create music with binaural beats.


I haven’t read enough material regarding the actual benefits of binaural beats.

Do you know

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I have tried flashing lights and binaural beats of various flavours.

Not terrible for self-hypnosis but not really better than taking 10 deep breathes and going through the normal meditative steps of allowing your body to relax and just practicing old fashioned mindful meditation.

Or you could just take a nap on the couch.

I found it kind of neat for a couple of weeks but really nothing great to say for what is effectively white background noise.

I clicked on that link and listened to what I found there. My first QEEG results included a diagnosis of ADHD and autism/Aspergers, but after neurofeedback and after the causes of stress were effectively dealt with, my next two QEEG results no longer indicate ADHD. That being said, I found the binaural beats to be very calming to me. Hmm, maybe I’ll bookmark that page.

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I use ambient soundtracks by Atticus Ross, Max Richter and Brain Eno, etc. to keep myself focused.
Also I was able to concentrate on memorizing a full deck of cards quicker than I used to. (Do not have the time, but I’m sure it was quicker than before)


Binaural beats may effect your blood pressure or some physiological conditions which are pretty superficial. Applications using those beats like i-doser obviously don’t simulate experiences like drugs or very spesific things. They may effect your body in placebo effect way but there is no scientific proof that they are relevant with spesific experinces.

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