Visualize words without pictures in the words preservation section

Hello. How can I visualize words that have no image and are abstract images? What is the way to memorize these words?

If you submit a few examples that are giving you problems, I’m sure the good folks on this forum will help you out.


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…just search the forum for “abstract words”


Split them into two objects. For example Defeat for me would be someone’s feet with the tattoo “D” on them. Another is Kindness would be some guy called Ness feeding the poor and appearing kind.

Could you specify a word you find hard?


There are three different techniques that I have learned and applied so far for ‘abstract words’(gibberish letters) in my native and other languages! They are:

  1. Keyword technique
  2. Sounds like or looks alike technique
  3. Alphabet PAO technique

1. keyword technique. Take a part of the ‘unfamiliar/abstract’ word. And use that part as the ‘keyword’. Change this keyword to something familiar.

For example,for the word ‘barrister’,we can take ‘barr’ and change it to ‘bear’. “Barr” here is the keyword and it is changed into ‘bear’(familiar name of an animal)…Likewise,a ‘rockstar’ can be converted to ‘rock’ or ‘rocket’.

2. Looks like/sounds like: In this technique,we link the sound or even spelling of an unfamiliar word with a familiar word that has nearly the same sound or spelling of the unfamiliar word…

For example,“and” can be converted to “hand”. Or,“Texas” can be converted to “Taxi”. “Nevada” can be converted to “Nivea Cream”.

3. Alphabet PAO System: I have got heavily involved in this third technique,because above two techniques were weak in handling certain situations I faced in my personal life and work. Above two techniques don’t work effectively for gibberish letters(ie, ASDOX). They are also difficult to apply in certain situations. For example,this line “head and hand” becomes “head hand hand” with the ‘sound alike’ technique.

Not only that,I find that it is time consuming and cognitively stressful to find out the ‘right or the best’ suitable ‘match’ for the abstract word to be converted. So,I now use a mixture of all three techniques depending on circumstance!! However,now a days,I am using the Alphabet PAO system a lot more than the other two techniques!!

Here is my Alphabet PAO System for converting ‘abstract words’ to images! It is faster and can be used for all types of situations(abstract words,gibberish letters,etc): Alphabet PAO System