A WIP method for using voices to memorize numbers using verbal memory and memorizing 45 digits in one go

I have thought of a method in which there are multiple voices(1000 voices) of different people and each voice is associated with a number(0-999) and whenever that voice is used with the Major system, Ben System or Raja’s Pronunciation System to encode a 3 or more digit number, then the number associated with the voice will take precedence and the words of any of those systems will be decoded into numbers will be decoded afterwards,

I believe that creating voices using parameters will also help by assigning a 1-10 scale to each parameter and I also believe that 100000(5 digit number) voices can be created using this system and those parameters can be associated with a 1 digit number respectively and a synesthesia can be designed in which a person hears a voice each time he or she sees a 5 digit number and that synesthesia can be designed in such a way that each voice sings a word of a memorable song(In ascending order) for up to a limited(ex-9 Number of Words) which will allow the synthesiast to hear a song with different voices with each word spoken by a voice giving its chunk number (or the number of position)which can be helpful in the Memory League in the Memory League,

This method can also be used with a Speed Reading Technique(with 9 voices) given in

Which will help a person to speed hear that song and memorize 45 digits in one go, And this technique can also be used for remembering alphanumeric information with voices in between,

What do you think of this method?,


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I think this method will easily affected by ambient noise. especially when you are trying to remember some numbers, and someone is singing or playing music. :joy:
Indeed, the recall speed is a challenge. Not likely I can recall a song or a voice quick enough, because I think :thinking: we need processing the voice to “ding”, oh is this meaning. Visually mind is quicker to me.

I will say this method has a great possibility music talent. For me, a music nerd sounds impossible.

Yes, For music I think that if the sound is loud and very bad … then sound of someone playing music will not be a big problem but I will have to think what can be done if someone is singing music,

With Synesthesia whose design is great with practice it will happen automatically however I think that pair linking songs to numbers just as some people link colors to days will help!,

As then as soon as a person will hear the song and the voice he will almost immediately or immediately know its numbers which may be possible to store in a memory palace for increased recall without losing other memories,

But with the current method and the normal way of implementation I believe that most if not all the problems exist,


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