A Verbatim Text Memorization Technique for learning text 100x faster

I have created a system in which in a sentence only the words that can not be deduced from other words are used,

And below which cannot be deduced from other words are highlighted in bold

Ex- People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Now If possible take the first letter of as many words as possible and make a word(that word should be the name of an person or object whom you have seen and remember how they look like),

And in this system if you can not form a word with the first letter of two or more words then use the original word,

For example - People, Glass houses(First letters-gh,Word formed from these two letters- Ghoul),Not,Stones.

Note- When ever a new word can not be formed from the first two letters of two or more words then those two words can be memorised exactly as they are,

For example - In the original sentences according to their order the first n letters of the words,together could not form a new word “People,Glass,Houses,Not and Stones” because of this reason they should be memorized as it is using a Memory Palace for memorizing words,

And in that Memory Palace based on the number of first letters a word is made of you must have the image of that word interacting with the number shape of that number,

Or you can have that number shape sticking above that image,

You may also reduce the number of words that have been made with the first letters of two or more words by 1,

Note- You can memorize at least 5 words in a minute in Memory League and with this system the number of words that you need to memorize is reduced by 2-4 times and if you will create a list of words which will contain every two letter word combination then your speed of using this system will be upto 5x faster and this system with out a list is already 5 times faster than rote learning and this system must be used with a Memory Palace.

And I believe that by using this system with reverse lookup entire sentences can be memorized by saying a few words instead of a full sentence as I believe that by using Reverse Lookup you can practice two things at the same time and so I think that by using Reverse Lookup you can also learn two things at the same time and if this is true then my idea is to attempt to learn the words I will get by using this system and then sending them to my short term memory and my working memory and repeating those words that will remind me of the full sentence that I need to learn without having to look at a piece of paper ,and if this can work then it can reduce a lot of effort from memorization and this can increase the number of things memorized.

I had said before that you can memorize 5 words in the Memory League and with this syst you will need to memorize 2-4 times lesser words of a sentence and if you will have a word list then I think that you will be able to hold 5x more words from that word list in memory if you will practice which will allow you to keep 100 words in your short term memory and you will also be able to memorize even more by using the Memory Palace.

And @bjoern.gumboldt can you tell me whether it is possible to learn two things at the same time using Reverse Lookup as it is possible to practice two things at the same time using Reverse Lookup because it was created by you.

And credit to @Erol for creating the Shaper System.

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I am having problems in remembering the exact words in nearly all words created by using this system leading to partial recall of many words and I think that there is something wrong with this system,And while I can remember information quickly with this system I need time to partially recall the information which I had learnt most of the time,

But I think that these problems may be solved soon,




Also search into “Acronyms”, and “Acrostics”. These mnemonic tools are helpful for creating words.

Acronyms", and “Acrostics” uses the first letter of each word, to make another word, or to make others words to remind of the original words. And can be used with how you described if it works well for you.

Someone thought of the same idea, i don’t know where i saw it and another thought about transforming the letters of each word into numbers than use the number system to memorise them, but i think it’s not possible to do it that way cause you need a lot of process to find the original word which is confusing, in other words instead of having a proper image special for one word, you have an image of a letter which may repeat a lot in a paragraph and create the confusing part, so when you try to remember the sentence you have a lot of words for one image.

Hope it make sense :sweat_smile:
It’s just my opinion

It must have been me as I had posted a similar idea in this forum a few months ago and In that forum topic asked whether it was a new method.

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Maybe you had seen this idea in these forum topics -

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Yeah I read that one, but there was other topics that discussed nearly the same idea and i searched for them but i didn’t find them, i will try again and post them here, maybe you will find more inspiration or develop a new idea, anyway I’m still not convinced of memorizing only the first letters of a word, :sweat_smile: