3D technique?

Is there a technique that connotes 3D loci. As in having a locus with 3 imaginary compartments as in x,y and z? like 3 walls where you can go in alphabetical order to organise your imagery. If this is a thing is there more ways to organise the imagery like the pillar technique which I heard from Anthony Metivier.
Does anybody know if this is a thing? I would appreciate your thoughts.



I’m not sure. Sounds like this is how method of loci already works???

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You can arrange memory palaces however you want. There are some posts about nesting locations here:

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by walls in alphabetical order, but I often arrange locations in rooms like this:

The square at the bottom is the door. Location #9 is the ceiling and #10 is the floor.

If you pick 5 objects in each location for nested locations, you could get 50 locations out of a simple room.

There’s a good post here on choosing the size of locations: The Efficiency of Different Card Memorization Systems - #21 by Boris

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