2015 USA Memory Championship

Has anyone been able to register for the 2015 USAMC? I’ve been checking the site for a while but haven’t seen anything. Seems like it’s much later than last year (if I remember correctly they opened registration in the summer). I’m guessing the delay might have something to do with the move to a new venue. Anyone know anything? Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me :slight_smile:

I saw an online notice that they were looking for a larger venue, but that’s all I’ve heard.

Registration’s finally open!


From the Facebook group: “The 18th USA Memory Championship date is now set: Sunday, March 29, 2015 at The Banquet Hall at 630 Second Avenue, New York, NY.”

“Eighteenth” is my lucky number. How fortunate!

Last year, I organized a dinner the night before the USAMC.

decision_, StevenBhardwaj (yes, I did have to look up his name), his then-fiancee, and drbrad123 joined me. It was a pleasantly intimate dinner at which Dr. Brad, DDS showed me pictures of some kid’s messed-up mouth on his cell phone and then said, “I forgot that other people don’t look at this stuff every day. Maybe this isn’t the best time.”

Though I wouldn’t change that particular evening, I was hoping that more people would join us.

Many of the MA-Finalists did go out and get drunk at the meat-packing district that night, where I argued with Ronnie White about nothing and Livan bought us a round of shots at midnight. He also cleanly executed the best version of “Triumph” that I’ve ever seen. (Where was Alex? Maybe no one invited him because he’s a “mean drunk.”)

My birthday fell on March, 30 last year, hence the shots. By coincidence, it falls on the very same date this year. If anyone wants to give me the perfect birthday gift, just make it to the final rounds and then take a dive.

We can discuss where to meet for dinner this year if anyone cares to. RSVP’s welcome!

I just added it to the memory competition calendar.

How many people here are going?

They posted an update on the facebook page saying they might close registration by 2/10, so maybe we’ll get a competitors list shortly thereafter. Last year the list wasn’t posted until Mar 6, though.

There is a good deal of luck involved in the USAMC though, unless a competitor is so good that making errors in random words etc. is out of the question, and I can assure you that I am not on that level.

Also, don’t forget that Arrick Leman is going to be there this year. He stays quiet, so it can be easy to forget that he’s a force we are all going to have to deal with.

Here is the agenda: http://www.usamemorychampionship.com/files/2015/03/2015-Agenda.pdf

Will you be going this year Josh?

I wish that I could be there. I will be following it online and posting updates. If anyone here is going to be in the audience at the USAMC and would like to help keep everyone updated, send me a message! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to be at the XMT and MAA Open Memo Games in May, since I’m in California already…


Got more pictures ready for dinner if we can get a group up.


Lmao! Great. I’ll put my phone up here: 972 746 6590

Anyone who has a reason to text me may do that. I don’t mind at all, and if it is related to food in NY, that is a very good reason.

Good luck on the weekend !

Press release:

List of competitors:

If anyone talks to the media there and wants to help spread the word, please let them know about this site! :slight_smile:

The word “mnemotechnics” is difficult for some people to remember (or even to spell). I usually say something like: “learn the Art of Memory at ArtOfMemory.com”, because it’s easier for people to find the website that way. The forum is the main link in the middle of the homepage…

Who is the favorite to win this years’ US Championships?
I’ve heard luck had something to do with winning this competition, so it may make no sense to talk about a favorite.
I thought Nelson had stated he wasn’t going but this name appears on the MA list that was just released.
Best of luck to Livan, Lance and Alex and all the rest of you on this forum who are going to compete this weekend.

Here’s another article about it:

Tomorrow, in New York City, mental athletes from across the country will compete in the 18th annual USA Memory Championship.

There are four rounds in the qualifying event and three in the championship event. Any one of these seems ridiculously challenging to me, but I can’t even imagine performing all of these tasks, especially not in a competitive setting.

Ron White just reported two new US records from Lance Tschirhart and Nelson Dellis.

Any details on the records? Congratulations to Lance and Nelson!

Ron posted the list of finalists 20 minutes ago:

1. Nelson Dellis 2.Alex Mullen 3. Lance Tschirhart 4. Johnny Briones 5. Everett chew 6. Erica Wang 7. John Graham 8. Aaron Mirman

Lance got 29 seconds in speed cards on his second attempt.


The USA has new record holder for 5 minute numbers. Lance Tschirhart (in picture below)at 360 digits and Alex Mullen at 320. Nelson Dellis new names record 201

Is anyone here in this thread now at the competition?