2015 USA Memory Championship

Is anyone here in this thread now at the competition?

Woo! Lance!

Wow that’s amazing! Carrying the US to new heights in the memory world. If the posted schedule is followed, they should be done with Tea Party and down to the last 3.

Words elimination: Erica, Everett and John were eliminated in words

Johnny memorized 141 words. Nelson got 140.

No one was eliminated in the Tea Party. Five competitors are doing the final card challenge.

Oh no… more news:

Livan’s score for cards was 1:22, but they miscalculated it as 5 min, so he was accidentally eliminated. Alex, Lance, and Aaron were eliminated – must be in the final cards round? Johnny vs. Nelson?

Nelson is the 4x USA Memory Champion!

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Another article: For North Jersey students, contest is an event to remember

At the cards event, Lance Tschirhart, a 27-year-old mustachioed mnemonician from Texas, shattered the U.S. record of 60 seconds by clocking in at 29 seconds. The world record is 21.19 seconds. The improvement is dramatic, said Marshall Tarley, a co-founder of the competition – the best a mental athlete could do at the first tournament in 1997 was 26 cards, he said.

Tschirhart also broke the U.S. record for memorizing numbers, remembering 360 digits in five minutes.

Three first-year students from Bergen County Academies approached him afterward to ask how he did it.

“I practice a lot – far more than most people,” he said.

Every champion in the history of the world:
“I practice a lot – far more than most people.”

Fantastic job Lance!

There’s an update to the post, with video, here:

More coverage:

Has anyone heard when they might update their website with the final results (as in the individual scores for each event)?

For anyone interested, I wrote a recap of this year’s competition on my blog. Check it out here. Hope you enjoy!

"At the cards event, Lance Tschirhart, a 27-year-old mustachioed mnemonician from Texas, shattered the U.S. record of 60 seconds by clocking in at 29 seconds. The world record is 21.19 seconds. "

Wow, THANKS SO MUCH mister reporter for talking about Simon in the sentence following my NR.

Lance T got a score of 29 seconds, which ought to really impress you until you read the next six words of this article. Totally deflating to be juxtaposed with SR in speed cards. What is all that about?! Sure it’s true…but do you have to tell the whole world?


Hey, Lociln, have you ever thought that from now on, any US citizen who does a great score at Speed Cards or Speed digits in the USA will have his or her name reported alongside your name, as a reminder of who is the top US Memory athlete? Congratulations once more on your incredible performance and also congratulations to the 2015 US Champ, Nelson Dellis and all the other participants!

Simon (the lame one)

Here’s another article about the championship, featuring John Graham:

I’ve updated the blog post with links to more information about the competition:

Anyone else think the scoring for speed cards is really messed up? I know that the USMC uses the Bell curve but I don’t think it works for speed cards. This year, Lance scored 360 in numbers and I got 180; he got 100 points and I got 50. All fair. In cards however, Lance did 29 seconds scoring 100 points and Johnny hit 58 seconds and scored 95 points! Don’t you think something is really wrong here? Five points barely makes much of a difference, and it seems so unfair that someone should get that amount of points for memorizing a deck in double the time of the first place winner. It gives no incentive to the top competitors other than that to break the current record.

Yeah, I agree. Scoring for cards is completely messed up.