2013 USA Memory Championship Dates & Info

The date for the 2013 USA Memory Championship has been announced: March 16, 2013.

Is anyone here going?

Edit: I will try to be there. I’ll stay in NYC for a couple of extra days. If anyone from the forum wants to meet, we could setup a meetup time and location.

Edit 2: I don’t know if I will be able to go this year.

More details:

I plan on going to the championship. Where could we meet up? I never been to New York so I don’t know any of the places there.

If you’re at the competition, I’ll see you there. Maybe we could find a cafe nearby or get some food afterwards. If we don’t find a place to go in advance, we could just meet at the competition and then use something like Yelp to find a place to go…

That sounds like a plan. Are you going to compete?

Yes… this year I’m living in the US and know in advance that I will be able to go. :slight_smile:
Last time I didn’t know that I would be able to go until after registration had closed.

That’s awesome! Have you been practicing a lot for it then?

I haven’t been able to train. It’s a long story that I will blog about later, but I’ve left my old business and will be working on Mnemotechnics.org nearly full-time now. The process of leaving that business has been keeping me busy, but it’s mostly-over now.

I just have three months to train, so I’m not planning to win, but it should be fun. :slight_smile:

Well I hope everything is ok now! Hey you never know, you could win!! Now wouldn’t that be awesome haha

Things were rough for a while, but they are much better now. :slight_smile:

That’s great. well keep me up to date on what is going to happen when the USA championship comes.

I will post here, as well as in the newsletter.

If anyone is interested, I want to check out the new Museum of Mathematics while I’m in New York City. It just opened last night.

Oh man, that looks awesome! I really don’t have enough nerdy friends to come see this kind of stuff with me. The Glasgow Science Centre is worth a visit if you’re ever in the west of Scotland; primarily aimed at kids, but I’d still enjoy it if I went again now. :wink:

I will going this year, as well.

Come to the USA Memory Championship… :slight_smile:
It isn’t an open competition, but it’s very interesting to watch. Unlike the international competitions, there is a large, cheering audience. They apparently had to turn people away at the door last year.

I’ll probably spend a few days in New York City after the competition – then I’m headed to Massachusetts and probably Wales for the competition that takes place there on March 30.

Great – I’ll be sure to post here again before the competition. :slight_smile:

[quote=Josh Cohen]

Come to the USA Memory Championship… :)[/QUOTE]

Pssht. And who’s going to pay for that?
Besides, it’ll be term time, too. I wouldn’t be able to skip school to travel halfway across the world. I accidentally missed a hand-washing tutorial (I misread my timetable) and got threatened with being kicked out of med school for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it is a bit far. :slight_smile:
Any plans to compete in 2013?

Hey, does anyone know when registration usually opens?

Hey, would you folks who are competing kindly tell me what your scores are in cards, numbers, etcetera? I have only known about method of loci for a few months, but I am a little surprised at how quickly my times are shrinking. I have been planning to compete in 2014 when I may win. However, if I can make it to the middle of the pack by March, (I wasn’t expecting to) then that would be justification enough to attend. So please let me know where you guys stand so I can make a tangible goal, my completion of which would determine whether or not I attend. I only know the scores of the very best competitors.

There is a list of scores from the last competition here:

The records are here:

It seems to me that part of the challenge of the USA competition is not to break down under the pressure. It’s loud, on stage, and the camera people get in competitors’ faces with the cameras during memorization.