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It will work well I’m sure. But unless it’s much easier for you to fill out than the Ben System it might not be the better option. Just my two cents.

(Josh Cohen) #42

Sounds interesting. I like the experimentation. :slight_smile:

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Thanks your two cents on this. I’m about half way done right now. I think there are no easy ways to fill out any big image system, from experience…
The real reason I do it this way is because I want to learn to create words systematically and I want to learn to associate some vowel sounds to categories promptly. I think this will be the best way to achieving this.


Hi guys! I’m about to finish my 3 digit major system, and there are some numbers I’m unable to fill, since I’m using English, and English’s not my mother tongue… Despite the fact, I’ve managed to collect 946 images after all. I’ve beeing trying to find an appropriate image via google for each object, so it’s kind of neatly organised, at least, for me. I know that after a certain amount of time my brain comes up with his own stuff, so the picture from computer will be forgotten, but I’ve augmented my vocabulary while walking the path of creating such thing.

Here’s the list, and thank you for your responses!


The phonetic code is standard:
1 - t, d
2 - n
3 - m
4 - r
5 - l
6 - sh, j, g, sch, ch,
7 - k ,g
8 - f, th, ph, v, w
9 - p,b

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278, Knock off, a count of 12 in a boxing ring?
808 Evasive. Many animals are good at hiding, pick one. Or maybe a slick politician?
I have no problem with a Box knife for 928. It is a knife with a sliding blade used to cut cardboard.
All the rest is hard, as you can see from the list I’ve suggested.

Good luck.

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Not all of these are objects – some are just words that might be linkable to objects. Some of these are stretching things.

503 - Elysium (or here)
518 - Latifa
523 - Ellen-model or any Ellen M.
561 - legit or illegitimate
569 - legible or illegible (maybe something like this)
763 - cash machine
766 - ketch show
882 - Vivian
928 - epinephrine pin
937 - pemmican


“Pennyfarthing” is such a cool image.

(Simon Luisi) #48

That sounds so PaiNFull.


The process of brainstorming can be terminated. All the required information has been acquired through help of other members combined with my own knowledge and a little bit of luck. Therefore I would like to thank all the participants at this project which will change my memory journey for ever.

All right, let’s stop being formal, I owe you guys! :wink: My greatest priority was memorable images rather than strict rules which makes me feel good, because those images are easy to visualize… yet recognizing them may be problematic.

How long do you think it will take to get to some consistent 240 digits in 5 minutes? One friend who is not a member of this forum, but he reads it, was able to start with Ben system as a complete beginning and get to 200 digit in 5 minutes within 5 months… Adding my experience to this fact, in case I decide to participate at some competition in the summer, I should be prepared with regular training, right?




Does anyone have a good object list for the BEN system? I did download the list of 1000 objects, however many of them are abstract or unknown to me. Any ideas on helping me as a beginner to fill in the difficult objects? Also,I do not have anything from 1001 to 2704. Any word lists in that range would be extremely helpful.


I am one of th latest forum users who has finished their 3 digit system recently, and I was able to fill all of them until the last 50, that was the point when I asked others for help.

At the beginning, I asked myself “What and who I want to have there?” - I used to keep a piece of paper and pencil with me all the time, and whenever some thought struck me, I wrote it down. This worked for about 600 images, which was pretty good…And then I was passing all over them from the beginning and thinking about possible objects. I even used dictionary to help - and it really did.

Sometimes when I had no ideas, I used databases like the ones posted below, which sometimes helped, or at least, evoked thoughts which led to certain ideas. It’s not the best thing ever, but better than nothing…And really, pay attention to making your own images, no matter how illogical it seems to you as long as it works.



I’m no expert at a complex system, I haven’t learn mine yet, I’m just providing my experience.


Glad you’re done! Have you been reviewing them a lot? Even just reading down the list over and over is a huge help at first. It’s almost necessary since ‘better’ drills like fully randomized visualization require fairly quick recognition to be an efficient use of time.

240 digits in 5 minutes is an impossibly specific scenario to address, but lightning fast recognition will get you there. I’d improve reading speed a whole lot (by reading down the list faster and faster, and after gaining a little speed, using the shuffled digits in 10 groups in the training tab before even bothering with linking and memo. My 2 cents. I drilled binary recognition sooooo much - now I’m visualizing the groups of 64 in 30-35 seconds each - but I still can’t see them clearly at all compared to cards or digits for some reason. The fast recognition completely makes up for it. ALeman got up to 930 digits with binary after a short period of time. He was training the same way, drilling for reading speed. Don’t see why it would be any different with digits.


All I want is to memorize a deck in 2 min
10 decks and 1000 digits in 1 hour.


even using ben system…how to memorize a deck you have to see and memorize 26 images!! in 25 seconds? just to pass the cards it may take 1 minute. to memorize maybe 2 minutes.

probably loci and nightwalker allready started beliving that they can beat the best players in the world.
Creyton Carvello is training for years decades and he cant memorize a deck in less then 3 minutes.

some people may say:
i learned how to do it in less then 30 seconds so everybody can do it. maybe they tell this but they dont really believe that because if they started training to bet the best it is because the best isnt so impressive for them.

i have allways been slow doing tests and exams…


518 = Latvia? I picture the Freedom monument in Riga a women holding up 3 stars…
533 = Lemmy? Distinctive looking singer of Motorhead.
535 = Lamahl? Distinctive looking singer of Kadjagoogoo
561 = Lashed? As in tied down.
733 = Comma?
808 = Face-off? really bad film.
883 = Fave-me? Those stars on websites that let you say you “like” someone.
892 = Fabian? 50’s heartthrob singer/actor.
928 = panther?
980 = Beavis.


where i can find a big amount of lists of 3 digit numbers?

(Josh Cohen) #58

Images for 3 digit numbers ? Which system are you using ?


Not until I actually started doing it. BOOM!

My best card score in competition is 1:09 or very near that. My best digit score is 220. The 25 second PB was my very best out of thousands of tries. The people who do that stuff in competitions given just one try are on another level.
And I KNOW you can spread through a deck of cards in under a minute. Try again…


I need some suggestions. Here are the sounds… CVC or CCC works.

fOOg or f, s, g
fOOk or f, s, k
fOOb/p or f, s, p/b
fAg or f, g, g
fIg or f, l/d, g
fov or f, r, f
fef/v or f/v, m/w, f/v