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(Josh Cohen) #61


Something related to “physics”?

“Foo bar” is a common example used in programming. Not sure if that helps. :slight_smile:

    "foo": "bar"

Can the “f” be a “v”? Maybe something related to “vague”?

Fill-gas? (filling a car with gas)

Favela (is the “o” like in the Ben System? e.g., “tom”)

Or Farfel.
Something related to “fearful” could also work.

“Fevgo” (φεύγω) means to leave or to flee in Greek. Not sure if that helps. That reminds me of Gandalf telling everyone to “fly you fools” when he confronts the Balrog in Lord of the Rings.


Awesome! Thanks!

  • fOOk: There's a sort of Chinese good luck charm called "fook bag", "fook" is a non-Mandarin (Cantonese, probably) pronunciation of the character 福. fook bag
  • fAg: fag, it's a cigarette
  • f, l/d, g: flag

(Peter Alpak) #64

Hi, My name is Peter. I started to build my 2 card system about 50 days ago.
I am full day father and employee so I have not much time :slight_smile:
Now there remains about 150 images to prepare from about 2700 images.

My system is simply a Ben system with Loci’s shadows. Shadows are realy helpfull :slight_smile: Thanks LociInTheSky.

Now is the turn to learn it and train and train. :slight_smile:

Any advice about learning?
My tactic is to learn numbers and binaries first, the cards on the end.
I created the folder with all my system images. They are prefixed with the shortcuts from the Main Memory System.

I will build the anki deck to learn it faster. :slight_smile: That’s my plan. What do you think?


Hi, I know this is an old thread but maybe someone will help me with those remaining 64 objects…
226 229 233 249 255 258 269 283 286 287 288 292 293 297 298 299
309 339 348 360 363 368 369 385 388 389 392 393 396 397 398
503 506 538 552 553 554 556 558 563 564 589
668 678 683 688 689 698 699
803 806 826 829 833 837 838 878 881 883 889 893 897 898

I’m struggling a lot. Thanks!

(Josh Cohen) #66

What system are you using? Is it the standard major system, the Ben System, or something else?


Way to go Peter!!! A nice little Ben/SS hybrid, love it! I’m so curious now that it’s 5 months later how your mnemonics are going!


Pls how can I incoperate names of people into my 1000 list example super man, spiderman, dave weckl, albert einstein etc thanks


Where do you encounter problems actually, if I may ask?

(Badr Ibrahim) #70

Nice list!

(Simon Luisi) #71

Thanks. What I use today is much improved over this one though.

(Badr Ibrahim) #72

What type of improvement do you mean if I may ask?
10,000 peg list?

(Simon Luisi) #73

Lets just look at a short part of the list:

635 male jock exercising with small weights
Now this has become 635 Jamal, the Saudi reporter geting murdered in a consulate. It is much better. Male jock is wrong way around and isn’t specific to me.

636 show homage
637 Shoe Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) shoe stand
I have grown to think that acronyms are bad and the connection between MEC and shoe isn’t strong at all. Saying, “shoemec” does not feel like saying something significant at all. Now, 637 is Jimmy Carter.
638 movie jock small flash light
639 chimpanzee
640 Raise a Javelin
Again, the wrords are wrong way around. I now use Sharaz, a drug. It’s much shorter to say too, more immediate.
641 Shredded
641 is now Jared the pal of trump. It is more specific than shredded, which begs the question, "what is shredded.

So, you see, with trial and error, you can realize what works best for you. It is hard work.

(Badr Ibrahim) #74

Yeah I noticed how you break the rules many times, but I thought that was helpful to you, even though I didn’t break any role forming mine but I found some inspiring words maybe some Ideas for better words coming from your list …
My list is written in Arabic, English , Turkish and some words coming from diff. Languages so I don’t have to break any role with letters coming exactly in the right sequence… the funny fact that I even sometimes come with a word doesn’t even exist, but it mean something at least for me…