Zettlekasten + journey method

Zettlekasten is a notemaking system whereby each note is atomic and must be linked to the existing system.
It’s writing.
How to integrate mnemonics?

So many options but here’s an easy way in:

Copy the inventors method but match the index to the journey method.

The inventor used dates and simply made backlinks manually using dates. How’s about replacing those dates with a really big journey?

Adding detail; a global journey starting off from your home to somewhere else you used to live, augmented by Google Maps. The map will change bit it’s a start.

Each loci is a day. Link a keyword to each loci. This allows quicker indexing.

Tech suggestions: ‘Standard Notes’ app because it’s exportable, E2E encrypted and use manual backlinks. Focus on a keyword for each atomic associated note. No tags and obviously, no directories.

Alternatively, Obsidian. But it tends to encourage a workflow that is less future flexible



I don’t know standnote has this feature!

Sorry, that was a screenshot to Obsidian. Standard Notes can export to Obsidian.

To be honest, I know people are visual so I decided to post the image to get people’s attention.
In reality, I recommend a more manual approach without this graph feature, to encourage our minds to do this work.
That said, I haven’t been doing it long enough to pass judgement from a mnemonic / memory point of view.
I was hoping someone here might chip in with some comments but I don’t get much engagement.

Maybe it’s time to leave the forum format behind and get into the Digital Garden way of discussing this.