Zettelkasten + Memory techniques?

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I wanted to know if there’s a way to combine the zettelkasten note taking method with a memory technique
Or in other words, how can I memorize my zattelkasten ? and keep on adding informations and memorizing them easily ?

Ps : If you know how, please use some examples
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It is possible. You just have to create a memory palace with the zettels that you need to memorise. It should be easy since you’re already familiar with the informations contained in your zettels (you’ve already completed the “learning” step).

Every Zettel represent an idea. So you should take this idea and transform it in a mental image

IMHO you should create a memory palace with zettels, by starting to answer a specific question, since zettels can be combined in many ways. This should give some order to your MP.

This is just the methodology that I currently use, it’s not based on other examples, therefore it can be improved by a lot

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But how to keep the interactions and refrences between zettels ?, like if i had an information that’s connected to 2 or 3 other zettels and each connected between each others, how to do it ?
I thought about creating portals
I transform each information into an image than from the image i create portals to other images, what do you think ?
I didn’t try it yet, but that what I’m planning to do


Here are some thoughts on memorizing zettelkasten.

Any large zettelkasten will probably have a huge amount of connections between zettels which would be impossible to mentally map onto 2D or 3D space.

So I would suggest to just use the creation date to put the zettels into some kind of memory palace. The connections are some kind of “portals” that can transport you to other places. Depending on zettelkasten’s content you will probably be able to remember a lot of the connections without special memory techniques. For the connections that will be harder to remember, maybe use an object which you put into your memory palace on both connected zettels. The object should be related to the meaning of the connection if possible.

It would also be possible to use something more systematic for the connections like a list of dates of the connected zettels. But that would be throwing away the natural meaning of the connections.

I would suggest to also use spaced repetition for review. (for the emacs users: I find org-drill really usefull to combine written notes with spaced repetition)


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Hi :smiley:
Thank you so much for your reply, i was already thinking about using portals but didn’t know if it was doable or not, now that i have your reply I’m more motivated to use it thank you…

And by the creation date, do you mean to class the zettels according to the day i create them ? (Sorry I’m not a native speaker, i tend to misunderstand what said to me :sweat_smile: )

Also welcome to the community =D

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Here is a fun thing that I have experienced in my journey to the world of “Memory Palace”. Somehow my brain finds out ‘related’ topics spread among the loci in multiple memory palaces! I don’t know why!

For example,let’s say, I have put “Anchoring Bias”(a psychological bias) in a loci of Memory Palace-1. And I have put “Priming Effect”(another psychological bias) in a loci of Memory Palace-2. When I review or work with “Anchoring Bias”,my brain can somehow make connection and refer to “Priming Effect” from Memory Palace-2,as these two biases have some similarities with one another!!!

So,I believe,Zettelkasten is very much possible with Memory Palace. I think,we just need to ‘consciously’ create ‘links’ among the loci that have similiar ‘ideas/points/notes’ of different MPs.

But the question is,why should we use MP for Zettelkasten? I personally see no reason! Not yet. I use “Notion and Obsidian” for my Zettelkasten notes. And if something is super important and ‘worth’ storing in my memory from my notes, I use “Memory Palace”. Zettelkasten could have ‘thousands of notes’ on different topics. And I believe,it is very much possible to store huge number of Zettelkasten notes in our memory by using “mnemonic” techniques.

BUT the problem will happen when we will try to review those thousands of notes. It’s too much ‘hard work’! For me,storing the notes in my memory is not the issue,but reviewing them is!! It takes a lot of time and energy to review stuffs with Space Repetition System. So,we should be careful about what ‘we are dumping in our memory’ for long term retention!

Just because I can store anything in my memory doesn’t mean,I should!!


I’ll try to have more faith in my brain :sweat_smile:

for me, I wanted somehow to transform zettelkasten directly, like to have a method to directly store informations as zettels in my memory,
I do medical studies so it’s important for me to have as much informations as possible for future use and that I can access anytime and anywhere

I understand what you mean, I mostly use MP and mnemonics for my studies, and I use Remnote to store other informations that I think might be helpful after, or just intresting ones

I hope it makes sense :smile:

You can have faith on Memory Palace! :slight_smile:

We can do all sorts of crazy stuffs with Memory Palace!! With MP,not only we can access any information stored in your MPs anytime we want,we can also analyse those info in 3D way! I find this fascinating. I can take multiple info,put them in a couple of loci inside a room of MP,and ponder over them simultaneously,and find similarities or dissimilarities among them at the same time. I can see all of them together…Crazy!!.

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Woow! Yeah it’s seems amazing,
I knew artofmemory long time ago but because i couldn’t understand very well the topics i never tried the methods till recently, so i can’t relate with what you experienced, unfortunately i still need practice,
Hope that one day I will be able to do the same thing as you with MP, anyway it motivate me to keep using MPs
Thank you :blush:

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