Yoga and Spatial Memory

Check out this study on yoga and spatial memory:

Abstract: The performance scores of children (aged 11 to 16 years) in verbal and spatial memory tests were compared for two groups (n = 30, each), one attending a yoga camp and the other a fine arts camp. Both groups were assessed on the memory tasks initially and after ten days of their respective interventions. A control group (n = 30) was similarly studied to assess the test – retest effect. At the final assessment the yoga group showed a significant increase of 43% in spatial memory scores (Multivariate analysis, Tukey test), while the fine arts and control groups showed no change. The results suggest that yoga practice, including physical postures, yoga breathing, meditation and guided relaxation improved delayed recall of spatial information.

If the brain consumes about 20% of the body’s oxygen, it’s not inconceivable that breathing exercises improve brain function. I wonder if this kind of study has been repeated elsewhere.

What do you think?

I’ve found that if I take a few slow breaths before I start memorizing I do a better job. This yoga study could be interpreted without the “yoga” aspect and stated as: physical activity improves brain functioning. That point has been researched heavily and seems to be true across all research.

Howdy! I’m a Yoga Instructor, and I would strongly recommend those interested in mind enhancement try a form called Pranayam.

It’s not merely increased oxygen, although it is a series of breathing exercises. Pranayam is impressive because it manipulates the autonomic nervous system. At this point, I can drop my systolic blood pressure more than 10 mmhg within 3 breaths, or alternatively raise it over 20mmhg.

Now, when you watch the video with Swami Ram Dev (Who I specifically recommend,) it’s actually pretty fun as well because of the poor dubbing and a few translation blunders. He makes some pretty heft claims, which made me wonder how he could get away with selling the videos here. Turns out that the Feds went after him because of his claim that Pranayam could cure cancer. He is part of a large research institute in India and… he provided enough evidence showing that pranayam cures cancer (albeit a very specific form under a certain condition etc.) that he can still sell the videos here. Same with Aids. They went after him because he claimed it raises T4 cell count… turns out research indicates it raises T4 cell count.

Now, if you believe everything dude says… after one session your going to be superman. In reality though, I suggest this to people interested in mind enhancement simply because my N-back scores are always significantly higher after I practice this form of yoga.

Big up for yoga :smiley: