Working on a Dominic System with some changes!(Make in 30 minutes to 1 hour)

Bullet points for the work in progress system

  1. It will contain cartoon characters whose faces are combined with the faces of people.

  2. Those cartoon chareters will will have a location in their shirts to determine their number(Each cartoon character can represent 4 numbers).

  3. Those locations will vary in harshness the harsher the location the greater the number.

  4. Those characters will be converted into gummy bears with smells and will a stains(Ex- Tomato) or some another feature which will help in knowing indentifying the person’s face combined with the face of cartoon character.

  5. Shaper System will be used for arranging the numbers as with the Shaper System it is impossible to get the order of numbers wrong.

Some stats
4 Locations
5 People
5 Cartoon Characters
5+5 smells
Total No of Images - 5*5=25(Cartoon Men)*4(Locations)=A 2 digit system.


Olfactory Memory is the Strongest and when used with Visual memory for identifying smells(Associated with number(s),
It will be even stronger.

Many people do not have the time to create images for a 2 digit system the time that it will take will be

30 Minutes-Combining Characters and People and Naming them with the first names of the people(s)and the last names of the character(s) or a made up name which suits your Dominic System.

30 Minutes(optional)- Associating smells to the locations and converting your combinations into gummy bears!

WIP Steps

  1. Remeber 5 Random Cartoon Characters
    2.Remember 5 Random News Anchors.
  2. Associate a number(which will be associated to a smell) to each of the Cartoons and Anchors and then combine their faces.
    Ex- An anchor who is associated with 1 is combined with a cartoon associated with 2 giving rise to 12.
  3. Add numbered location(s) to the shirt(s) of those characters.
  4. WIP(Potentially-Learn the combinations with their numbers).

Does anybody have any ideas for the improvements of this system,


For those who have created a two digit system can you tell me how long did it take for you to create your own two digit system ?,