Why do i get more time to recall than to memorize?


When i train i always wonder why theres is so much less time to memorize than to recall. While i do understand that my wondering might have something to do with me being a beginner in this field, i still find that i would rather use say 2 minutes to memorize and 1 minute to recall.

I usually run out of time after having memorized maybe half of the words, names etc. That means that there is less to recall. On the other hand: if i had time to create better mental images i would need less time to recall them, so i guess the short timespan for memorization is to push you a bit in your training. So my real question might instead be: why then so relative long time for recall?


if you are a paid member, you can set your own memorisation time.
choose > Custom and you can set your time there.
not sure if this works for the free members.

(Silvio B.) #3

When you get faster in memorization, you’re more likely to have some gaps you need to think about for a bit, so you need more time in recall. In cards for example, I usually need around 60 seconds to memorize the deck, but I need more than 60 seconds recall time to get all 52 cards in the right order.

That will change once you reach the higher levels. You’ll probably be glad to have more recall time, once you memorized 50 words in 60 seconds. :slight_smile: