Which method is best for studying Physics and Math?

I did not use any method at all, I just used linking and story it was worked as far as I remember.

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It should be.

the more simpler and vivid the imagery is, it would probably work for you.

I’ve started with having an image for the abstract idea on what it does, and for the formula; create characters/actions/objects to make a vivid, strong story.
It’ll take some time, but it’s all worth it.

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The formulas in the high school usually can be encoded by a simple linking and story, but some more advanced formulas, that have many variables(in the numerator and denominator), sequences and summations, are too difficult to use only common mnemonic techniques, because sometimes we can’t memorize the formula in the left to right direction. For these kind of formulas i first create an algorithm that codifies the construction of the equation, then i use linking to associate the steps. These steps doesn’t need to codify the formula in the order left to right and all symbols, you can construct the formula first in the middle, after in the ends. I like this technique because i can remember what the equation is about and many complex formulas becomes simpler.