Where to get access to ebooks with coloured letters, to train synesthesia?

Basically I want to try and replicate the results found in this study: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0039799

Any information is greatly appreciated, thanks!

I have a script that will do it. If you post some links to a few public domain books on Gutenberg that you want to read, I could upload versions with colorized text.

At the moment, the only processed book I can find on my hard drive is Kafka’s The Trial and a couple of short sample pages.

If you have specific colors in mind, send me the hex or RGB color names for each letter’s color – otherwise I can process them with my default colors.

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That would be great, to colorcode them will it be in PDF or is it possible to do it in a Kindle version, I have the Kindle app on my iPad… But either way works for me whatever’s easier for you, you are helping me out big time.

Here are the initial links to a few books I would be interested in reading ( I have no specific colours in mind, if your default is efficient to induce quasi-synesthasia then that is perfectly fine)

Sent you a message.

Would it be possible to route these books to a public domain so others would be able to get copies as well?

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I gave this a try a couple of years ago and it was very pretty but nothing stuck.

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Send me links to public domain books you’re interested in, and I can convert them for you. I don’t have those other ones saved at the moment, but the next time I generate some I’ll upload them to a dedicated forum thread.

Hello Josh, i am wondering how u convert them? it would be of great help for u to explain this to me… I have a variety of books i want to convert. Is there a way of us getting in contact?

Are they in plain text format? Send me a private message, and I could convert them for you.

Can you teach me how to convert them?