What's your method for blindfolded solves? [POLL]

What method do you use for BLD solves?

  • Can’t even solve it with eyes open
  • Can only solve it with eyes open
  • Old Pochmann (OP)
  • M2 edges / OP corners
  • M2 edges / 3-style corners
  • Full 3-style

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I solve half blind fold.it means one eye close and second open :blush:

With UBL or UFR as buffer?

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I think M2 edge method is much easier than old pochmann edges so I use m2 edges.
And second reason is less moves in m2 edges as compare to old pochmann.

But I also know old pochmann edges method.

Currently I am using M2 edges and OP corners.


Do you know Orozco method for corners.
I am not using it.

If you know , please tell me the concept of Orozco method.

hold on a second, u r using old pochman? isn’t ur speed around 44s for 3 times 3? I did not know good old poch is that good.

It’s a subset of 3-style that uses roughly 5% of the algorithms you’d use in full 3-style; however, it works like OP corners as far as number of swaps to solve the corners. You’d basically use:

  • UFR>URB>UBL: [x R2: [D2, R U R’]]
  • UFR>URB>___: […: […, …]]

…your basic A-perm to shoot from C to B to A, where C (i.e., UFR) is your buffer just like in 3-style. The difference is that instead of solving 2 corners at a time, you keep B (i.e., URB) fixed as a helper buffer and solve one corner per cycle… just as you would with OP.

I guess you could argue that it’s similar to using 2-look OLL instead of full OLL, but really it’s just OP with 20some algorithms instead of a Y-perm.

I don’t think it’s easier really, but definitely faster. I used to use it in the past, but then didn’t do BLD for a year or so and forgot all the algorithm. With OP edges you use the J(a) and J(b) that you use for corners and the T-perm that you use in regular CFOP, so there isn’t really much to know in terms of algorithms. If you know full PLL, you know the algorithms for OPOP.

How you memorized set up moves in old pochmann for corners and edges.

I’m using both J-perms in addition to the Y-perm for the corners and the T-perm for the edges. This way it’s more than intuitive how to bring them up to the U-layer, because I have all 3 locations to choose from.

Say I’m looking at K, P, V on the FDR cubie:

R and then swap A and C with a Y-perm to shoot to K
RF’ and then swap A and D with a J-perm to shoot to P
R2 and then swap A and B with the other J-perm to shoot to V

I guess if you’re only using the modified Y-perm in RFU then it may not be quite as intuitive… what algorithms do you use for OP corners?

I am using Y perm for op corners.


I use the method of 5-style which is solving 4 pieces at once. It is an extension to the 3-style method.

One example algorithm is R’ D M’ D’ F’ D’ M D F R which is mpqg in speffz and gofq in my lettering scheme.

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