What's your experience using dominic System?

I’m still new in memory training. Im using d0minic system. Im jst w0ndering why this system d0esn’t seem to be popular in the discussions


Dominic system is very effective and I believe PA and PAO are all based on the Dominic systems because it involves a Person.

It’s just not mentioned as Dominic in a lot of discussions because it has become as PA and PAO instead. This is because when you use a person, you can also use it with the major, shaper, association, and any other independent system. As far as I know that if there is a “P” in the system, it means “Person”, and Dominic O’Brien has introduced this as person action prop system, but as you say, most don’t mention it because it’s easier to just say PA or PAO.

I started off with the Dominic System, and I still have my persons. I moved onto the shaper system, but the concept is still based on Dominic pa, but I use Object Action instead.

When you are using PA, you are basically Pair-Linking. So It can be Person with an Object, or an Object with another Object. If you are using a person, then you are basically using the dominic system because as far as I know there was no “Person” used in the Major system before Dominic.


Hi Erol, why did you move into the shaper system?


When I used persons with the dominic system, most of my persons didn’t have any objects or any actions I could apply. And it was somewhat confusing me when I did, and was taking a long time to memorise. So I tried to mix and match with the major system. The major system is a consonant-letter to digits. Again it was taking me awhile to translate the digits and applying the actions.

With the shapes I could see the images more easily and much faster. I also didn’t have to translate it from dominic letters into persons, or translate it from the major into words, and then to create images, and apply the actions. The process seemed to be a lot of work.

With the digit shapes, it was easy, no translation needed.
They are just shapes that look like the digits, or the digits that look like the shapes.

The images I have for the shapes also has their own natural actions, or can be created very easily with paired-linking. So each shape-image does the action to the next, or leaves a clue which reminds me of the first 2 digits. So it’s a kind of a system in a box.

To start practising the method, Say the Image and its action Out Loud soon as you see the two digit number, and visualise the image and the action at the same time as you practice.

so when you see 00 for example, you’d say “Eggs, Breaking, Yolk running" out loud and see the eggs in your mind.

01 = You say “Spear Stabbing thru”
02 = You say "Dinosaur, Blowing Burning Fire "
03 = You say “Fork, Sticking into”
04 = You say “Knife, Cutting”
etc, etc.

Then apply the paired link action.
00 01 - You’d say “Runny Yolk on Spear” (Breaking the Spear)
04 00 - “Cutting the Egg”
02 03 - Burning Fork
01 02 - Spear Thru Dinosaur

After practising it for a few days, it will just jump out at you as an image without the need of saying it out loud :slight_smile:

A lot of the images has their own clue when the action is applied, this means that you wouldn’t necessarily have to see the action or the object, because the clue on the object provides the first 2 digits. For example “30” Is Kissing, and the clue of it is “Red-Heart” image stuck/stamped on the next object. “00” is Eggs, All I see is Runny Yolk on the next object as a clue for the “00”. It doesn’t need the action because of the clue.

It is also used with existing systems such as the Dominic or Major System, or any other independent system.

00 - Superman
04 - Cutting (with a Knife)
02 - Dinosaur

Superman Cutting a Dinosaur (with a Knife)

00 - Superman
02 - Dinosaur (Blowing Burning Fire)
04 - Knife

Superman Blowing Fire On a Knife

You’d of course add “Emotions” to it also wherever you can to make it more memorable.

So superman after blowing fire on a knife, also burning his hands on fire, which is not a great feeling.

The above sample is PAO, but you could simply use PA if you are using Dominic PA system. “Superman Blowing Fire”.

I personally find some good benefits with the shaper system;

  • It does not rely on the Major Phonetics spelling. So you don’t have to use any consonants, and then find a word, and then find an image etc. Because it’s a self working system with its objects and its actions. It’s a system in a box that can be learned in a short time. My own personal opinion is that it can be learned faster than Dominic or Major.

  • It can be learned in almost any language!
    For example 19 is an Elephant.
    The shape of the Elephant looks the same in all languages. It’s a number to image generator, and the image is the same all round the world.

  • It can be used By itself, and can be used with any existing system variations, as explained above.

  • It can be used as a Mark-Up in a memory palace. And for any method to act as a “Recall-Trigger”.

Here is my story and the discussions of how I got into it and eventually found all the images and the action with shaper.


Thank you for the explanation. I am also having problem with the dominic system in the sense I use persons that I don’t really like it’s just that they fit the code. That’t why I’m on the side on trying to change some of it. It’s nice to see in the discussions different ways of making a system like you use.


Yes I see what you mean. It was almost the same with me. I used some persons that I didn’t even know because I just could not find a person I knew. And as you said I used to use them because it just fits the code but, not as effective. It is one of my reasons why I don’t use persons in the shaper. I still keep my persons but for different reasons.


saw your post bout Shaper System. It’s cool. that 00-99 really takes time to have and image


Thank you.
I’ve not disclosed all the actions I have or the clues in the post, yet.
I will do when I have some uninterrupted time which will show the whole thing for better understanding. However, with a bit of creativity, it can still be used now as it is with paired linking.


Erol, this is pretty darn good. I was having a rough time coming up with all 100 PAO.


Thank you!
I’m glad it was useful to you.
If you have any questions on the shaper, you can post it on the Shaper thread (the link I provided in my prev reply), and I’ll be very happy to help.

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