What's the Most Useful Thing You've Memorized?


What’s the most useful thing you’ve memorized using memory techniques and now make use of regularly? Has it had a positive impact on your life in some way? What motivated you to memorize it to begin with?

(ant) #2

memory snapshots for differential diagnosis. otherwise some of the less common things tend to slip through the cracks as its hard to think of everything for each symptom


What is a memory snapshot?

(ant) #4

Instead of a palace I just use like a mental picture of one location I can visualize all at once. Like a bathroom or corner of a room. But instead of a palace I can view all of the place from mentally standing in one place

(Leandro DMBraga) #5

Interesting. I use the same method but for drugs ( posology , indication, admnistration ) . Could you detail it a little more ?

(ant) #6

1.Take a place like your desk
2. conjure up a central image that reminds you of the drug name
3. place its MOA in a creative image in front of or in the middle of the drug name image
4. then I come up with images or actions being performed on or by the drug around it (side effects, usage, etc)

thats the most basic for a drug snapshot, I do not place everything just the most important usages and side effects to know


Account numbers. I’ve saved hours of time by not looking these up.


I haven’t memorized too much yet so I will likely have a different answer when I have. But so far memorizing the US amendments (Not done yet though). Is the most useful thing. Have them creep into my head during any related moment, and such has come in handy on occasion.

(Silvio B.) #9

I started to use memory techniques just in time before an important exam for work (law-related). When I passed the exam, it was proof to me that the memory techniques work and I started to train on a regular basis. I’ve memorized a few laws and the Swiss Constitution, this helps me a lot for work.

(ant) #10

same thing it helps greatly its easy to doubt things with so much BAD information and FALSE self help books out there but the memory techniques are tried and true. Otherwise why would we be out here advertising them on a forum. We dont get paid to do it, its just for the betterment of society since people general are BAD at memorizing

(Nicholas Mihaila) #11

The most useful thing I’ve memorized is vocabulary for foreign languages. It’s definitely had a positive impact on my life because it’s allowed me to get further with less time, so I can allocate time toward other things. As for the motivation, learning languages has always been an interest of mine.


Probably Harry Lorayne’s phonetic alphabet (1 =T/D, 2 = 2, 3 = M. etc), although I’m not sure how much he actually invented it or just started marketing it as his. I think I read somewhere that some psychiatrist (or doctor or professor or whatever) had a similar system first. In any case I’ve used that as a basis for a ton of mental hooks for things, most notably suits and numbers for playing cards (52, standard deck) and also a 0099 system, but neither system is fully complete yet. Regardless, practicing what I’ve created so far has been insanely good for strengthening my memory.


Newbie here. Dumb question but what does MOA stand for?


Might mean Mechanism of Action with regards to pharmaceuticals.