What to solve

I have always wonder how long I should practice for 3 x 3 blind I practice for 20min everyday. Any tips?

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I agree with the above. Usually I’d recommend solving till you get a fatigue, at least that’s what I’ve been doing more or less and it works out quite well. Also it depends on the results. If you have a bad day and you’re doing very slow solves or dnf most of them, it’s sometimes better to take a break or just stop solving entirely in that one day than to do bad solves. Also practice isn’t just solves, it is also anylising mistakes that caused a dnf, experimenting with memo, etc. But as stated by Mathmaster, it all depends on how fast you are.

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It really depends on what level you are. The most important thing when first starting out is to make sure you understand the method and are comfortable using it. As a result, this is the progression I would recommend.

  1. Learn the method you’ll be using, along with any algorithms you’ll need (can have a reference sheet).
  2. Learn your letter scheme. A common trick is to learn the first letter on each face so you don’t take too long thinking of the letter for a certain piece. In Speffz, this is A E I M Q U.
  3. Do solves without a timer or a blindfold. Write down the memo for these so you don’t have to worry about memorization just yet. You want to be comfortable with your letter scheme and the method at this point.
  4. Do solves without a timer or a blindfold, but actually memorize the letters. If you notice yourself making a mistake, apply the scramble again afterwards to see if it was a memorization problem or a recall problem. Work on whatever gives you the most problems.
  5. At this point you can do solves with/without a timer, but with a blindfold and with full memorization.

I think this is the best way to gradually build up to a full blind solve, but you can of course modify it to better suit your own progress. Other people may have different suggestions, but I think this would work well because you’re only improving one skill at a time, rather than just jumping in and hoping that all of these different aspects of the solve come together to give you a successful solve. Hope this helps!


A suggestion, Day1 training with corners, Day 2 training with edges, Day 3 training a complete cube. Repeat the days, until you feel like a boss. Start try with free style blindfold.:woozy_face: