What techniques would you use to memorize a script of dialogue


I am in the process of memorizing a script. I started out typing it up and putting it into Anki using cloze-type questions. After a while it just seemed very tedious and i’m not really sure if this is the best way to go about it. It seems like it’s 1 step away from rote memorization.
Does anyone have a more efficient and better way?


You know what, I think I found an answer a few questions below in “how to memorize poetry.”

(Neil Kutzen) #3

This has worked really well for me.
Break the dialogue up into lines or phrases.
Pick a key word in each line that will remind you of the entire line.
Now you have a list of words that, when you read them, will allow you to recite your entire piece.
Now, using a memory palace of suitable length, connect each word to an item in the palace.
First, come up with images for each word. For example if the word were explain, pictures eggs on a plane. Then connect these images to the palace items ina sully way.